Team Vallores explains how “Values” help In Overall Development in Early Years

The emotional, social and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and on the adult they will become. It is when they learn appropriate behavior, boundaries, empathy and many other important social skills that will remain with them for life. Unfortunately, many children are missing out on these vital skills because they are not going through the steps needed to learn this behavior.

The first six years of the children are the formative years of their lives. Their curious little eyes know no boundaries and their keen minds naturally want to learn creatively. As parents and educators, we understand the importance of ensuring them the best that this world has to offer for their bright and joyful future. At Vallores Pre-school, they believe in quality over quantity where knowledge is not rote memorization of concepts but wisdom based on values.

The values cultivate in the children at the early age at Vallores make them complete with emotional, mental and physical intelligence. They are imparted values that are foundational for a happy and successful life. Trained staff strives to ensure that children skill sets that go with and beyond learning numbers and alphabets to morally, socially, rationally and environmentally comprehensive growth and learning.

Under the Montessori curriculum, At Vallores, children receive a healthy, caring and non-competitive environment, where they feel safe, trusted and free.

Values Matters : Using Values to raise Caring, Responsible, Resilient  Children

  • Nurturing Enthusiasm for Lifelong Learning:

Lessons should be given in a fun and exciting way that will encourage children to be effective learners. We need to inspire a thirst for learning with eagerness and enthusiasm.

  • Love of education:

for reading, learning, discovery, nature- takes root in preschool. Grasping the value of learning and education by setting an example as role models and by providing actual experiences. It also demonstrates that you value their education highly.

  • Respect:

Teaching the value of respect for self and others. This is not limited to people and belongings, but can also mean respect for their environment, both immediate and global.

  • Teamwork:

Demonstrating and instilling the importance of teamwork that can teach respect for the opinions of others, listening, cooperation and equality.

  • Resilience:

It’s important that early childhood educators and parents work together to develop resilience in children as early as possible. By creating a consistent, secure and fair social environment, with clear expectations and predictable consequences, children can develop skills in managing themselves and their emotions.

  • Concentration:

As early childhood educators we balance this zest with the ability to listen, follow directions, attend to tasks and participate in group activities to develop the critical life skill of concentration.

7.      Patience:

Every day as adults, we encounter situations where our patience is tested. Children need opportunities to be involved in an abundance of social experiences, where they can explore and practice the social skill of patience. By teaching through examples, role modeling and social experiences, children are able to develop their patience and learn to wait for their turn

8.      Confidence and Self-Esteem:

A strong sense of wellbeing provides children with confidence, optimism and self-esteem which will encourage children to explore their talents, skills and interests.

 The first school in India that believes in understanding the unique learning process through values and focusing on their needs so that they receive the best overall education meant for them. The idea is to have the teachers as the guides in the process of learning as children are self-educators. Children are not taught but nurtured; they are not coached but cherished. Children are inculcated with a sense of belonging to the school where they feel empowered in the social space of the campus.

 Vallores believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each child and in encouraging them to be inquisitive explorers busting with virtues and potential to discover the grandeur of the World around.

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