How this diva found her Career out of her Hobby & Succeeded

Tia was all set to start a career in this industry after 2 years of professional training course in dance. She knew that she is doing well in industry! All the recognition & award she won was there to encourage her to further prove her. She was always willing to purse her career post marriage; she always loved her career because it was her hobby too. Her partner was very supportive & encouraged her always. After few years of fulltime work at several academies as trainer, she started her own dance training centres at 3 locations. With a trained team & years of experience she was running it successfully until motherhood knocked.
She was pretty active during her pregnancy and managed to monitor her batches & centers well with the help of her team. She was very clear to get back to work after child. She took 3 months break post childbirth but post that she decided to return to her classes as things were slow in terms of business & being an owner, she could not afford that. She knew without proper guidance & follow-up; her staff will not be able to run the show for long.
Her in-laws came to her to support but they were too old to manage a child & match up the energy level of a toddler. Being an entrepreneur, her business needed more time & concentration of her. There were days where she managed to work from home & then there were also days when she was required for marketing campaigns & trials at her centres – all during the same day. After the struggle of few days she started thinking of giving up and releasing the constant pressure but this Dance academy was her baby too and she just couldn’t give up on it.

One of her friend recommended finding a good & flexible daycare. She searched online & she found Proeves daycare/preschool services which helped her to find a nearby option & counsellor supported her to find the best fit daycare which was suitable to her timings & other needs as well. She finalized one which gave her a flexi plan. She got the flexibility to drop her child at the centre whenever her work demanded. Daycare helped her install an app on her phone which gave her live access to her child. She is unstoppable now;  when she is 100% sure about the safety & security of her child. Tia is now a proud owner of 5 centres and shortly opening the 6th.