These leading Preschools are developing Toddlers through Play

Play is a free activity in which we learn from age of being an infant.  As we grow our level of play activity grows as per our requirement of social, intellectual and physical development. Play is an intellectual part of development at playschools. The early experiences exploring with their senses lead them to play, first by themselves and gradually with others.

CDC Kids
In CDC kids each child is given the freedom to choose his activities and play as best benefits his or her natural curiosity and corresponding to the special needs of his or her sensitive period of inner growth. They also emphasize on the child`s learning based on thematic learning units. The different themes for every month work around the all the important aspects of child’s development circled around those themes and the child eventually learns to a great extent with an unlimited fun. Age appropriate concepts of Puzzle play Creates awareness about the immediate surroundings and also develop coordination and visual skills in children.

 At Ipsaa, magic happens every day, every moment, in whatever they do. Ipsaa is a centre of joy. Ipsaa envisions for ‘the inception of motion, the play of emotion, the exploration of life, it all starts from the centre of joy’. Ipsaa provides a new world of augmented child care that not only nurtures your children but also enriches them with new skills and experiences. Providing areas of focus to give a child endless opportunities to learn and grow. The daily learning schedule has the various thematic topics woven in a prepared plan by the mentors. The level keeps increasing with age group and also at times with individual needs. They make the learning fun, but also taking the fun seriously. In Ipsaa lounges you can hear a lot of laughter, uninhibited storytelling and endless chatter.

KLAY Preschool program has a unique mix of structured and spontaneous experiences in a multi-sensory environment. Each KLAY centre has purposefully designed Learning Centres to support fun and educational learning experiences. Trained educators create personalized learning experiences designed to encourage a positive self-image while celebrating each child’s unique personality, intelligence and creativity. The learning philosophy is based on Multiple Intelligence, inquiry based learning and experiential learning. Child’s brain undergoes extraordinary development in the first six years of life. KLAY helps your child embark on the journey of lifelong learning and lays a solid foundation for academic and social development. The focus of the KLAY programs is to instill independent learning, creative thinking & excellent communication skills to arm your children to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Kara4Kids create and build an innovative environment where “playful learning” leads to more energy and productivity. Kara4Kids appreciates and understands that every child has his/her  unique style of Learning. With your child being the epicentre of their world, Kara4kids believe  that the fledgling years of a child are of paramount importance; since  the emotional and mental enrichment they receive during that age, are instrumental in shaping their future well-being. The children evolve and focus on learning that strengthens values and a skill-based quality, wherein play infiltrates in and out of our classrooms giving  rise to creative thinking and Collaboration. Children enter school  with a sense of wonder and joy for learning. Thus Happiest kids are at KARA.

Safari Kid
Safari kid believes that play is the best way to learn,  the best way of developing these in young children is a combination of  free and structured play, in beautiful and engaging preschool learning  environments, and a program that constantly develops their minds  across multiple areas. Not all children like to play with the same toys – each child is different. They customize the approach based on child’s preferred style of learning. That’s what makes it so effective. And it makes Safari Kid stand out as natural leaders in group, creative problem solvers and generally a grade or two ahead of their peers.  Safari Kid aims for the all-around development of every child, every single day, with programs designed to accomplish specific developmental goals.

Vivero International
Vivero International believes in celebrating childhood. Learning and  play are not separate. Vivero celebrates the joy in discovery while  preparing children to be creative, confident learners and citizens.  The educators continuously assess a child’s knowledge and structure  specific learning environments and experiences that are play based,  hands on and experiential in nature. It ensures deeper enjoyment whilst facilitating an understanding of ideas. The inside surroundings  are a place of shares relationships among children, teachers and parents. The feeling of belonging in a world that is alive, welcoming and authentic.

Play in preschool presents young learners with a means to understand how the world works in their surroundings. A child’s brain signals improvise through connections and develop interactivity through play.  Language and communication gets mature, motor skills and help with problem-solving also moves on as children grow through play.
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