Awesome bag-pack ideas for your Child’s Daycare

Once you have finalized a daycares service that suits best to your child, you start thinking of preparing the bag for your child. Most daycares advise on what to send and what not; as a parent there is no harm to double check while packing for child. It is your responsibility to keep all the necessary things for your child when she/he is away from you. Let’s figure out the essential things to be kept in your kid’s bag:

  1. Extra pair of cloths: Kids have a tendency to make cloths dirty or wet while playing, toddlers may be self learning about potty training and eating on their own, this increases the probability to make their cloths dirty, so be sure to keep some extra pair of cloths
  2. Diaper, wipes:  if your child is not potty trained keep extra diapers in the bag along with the baby wipes and nappy rash cream.
  3. Change and towel: With kids accidents can happen anytime, especially if they are going through a phase of potty training. Always send extra pair of underwear with  along with a  towel which will be very useful, whenever the child wets herself with water or during play
  4. Food and Snacks:  Check with your daycare on their food service. Most daycares provide food only for toddlers. So if you have an infant then be ready to send hygienic, homemade food as per the child’s diet plan. For toddlers you can send finger foods that he can eat on his own.
  5. Favourite toy: When your child is upset or crying, you will be having a toy that makes him/her happy, “the favourite toy of your child”. Keep that toy or his favourite thing in the bag that helps daycare staff to make your child relaxed when child is anxious due to separation or upset on anything else.
  6. Nap time essentials: Keep all necessary things that will be needed during nap time. 
  7. Medicines: If your child is on any medication send those medicines along with a note on how much and when to give. Also check with the daycare if you need to send general medicines for fever, cold, etc.  Send a card with information mentioned about allergies or any other thing specific to your child.

Beside these things label each and everything and keep your daycare supplies systemized. Keep updating the bag as per the kid’s changing need. Once you have everything organized, it is ultimately going to help to your child.