Best preschools/daycares have this App

As a parent, how many times have you wondered what your child was up to at a particular time of day? Did they eat their lunch? Did they take a nap? Parents are busy but they would love to have update on their child’s entire day’s activities. Infants and toddlers at this are are not able to communicate specific details and update their parents. Wouldn’t it be nice, if parents receive real-time updates? Updates that include things like photos and videos?

Here the digitisation helps daycare to provide live update to parents over maintaining diaries. There are quality apps available which provide live update to parents about their kid’s activity in preschool/daycare.

ProEves has researched several mothers’ requirement on what specific things they want to know about their child when they are in preschool/daycare and developed an integrated, user friendly app which connects daycares/preschool to parents.

It has an advantage of getting connected by a single centre or multiple branches. It has three interfaces – Admin, Teacher and Parent. This versatile app has following modules specially crafted to help daycare and parents:

  • Live Parent Messages(with our without CCTV)
  • Meals/ Diaper/Nap
  • Events/Circular Digital Board
  • Photos/Videos
  • Learning & Development
  • Inquiries
  • Fee & Payment

In today’s digital era don’t lag behind, “Be one of the best centres in your locality by providing your parents the EXTRA CARE PROMISE” by adapting a quality Live update app.
Proeves is India’s largest aggregator of preschools/daycares with 7000+ leading centres listed. We have thousands of parents discovering centres through us and 500 corporates associated with us. In case you would like to know more about the tool, please reach out to