The journey of this preschool in Corporate Hub; Bangalore

Vedic Lore, a preschool & daycare in the corporate hub of Bangalore, is an Indian-Value based preschool and Day care run by women, essentially moms in collaboration with renowned teachers in the field of early education.

Vedic Lore is a space for children which is impregnable, a safe haven where learning is mixed with play; it is a preschool with an inspired curriculum with adaptations from different methodologies that is customized for each child as no two children are the same. It a place where children would love coming back to, everyday! It is a preschool and day care conceived with a notion where Indian Culture, play based curriculum, spending time exploring nature, and spreading compassion became pillars.

Their mission is help raise the children of the future to be value inspired, empathy driven children rooted to their culture. Proeves got in conversation with the founders of Vedic Lore & this is what they had to tell us.

Q: Tell us about your journey how did you decide on starting Vedic Lore?

Vedic Lore was conceptualized to be more than just a normal preschool and a day care Centre.

I, Ishwarya Iyer had spent quite some time researching different methodologies adopted by preschools and several kindergartens in India as well as abroad to understand what is the right approach to teach children not just the usual ABCs and 123s but to stay grounded to their roots and imbibe a sense of belonging and brotherhood in from their early years. On necessity I had the opportunity to visit quite a few preschools and day care centers to understand the curriculums that were adapted and protocols followed especially for the safety, hygiene and welfare of children. At that period – 3years ago, I happened to meet Divya Anukul, Neha Arora and Rizwana Mazhar at a conference on early learning where the 4 of us got talking on the reforms that need to be made in the field of early learning education, especially the day care facilities offered for working parents considering the lack of a supervising board for both.

We collectively recognized the fact that a single curriculum would not do justice by children and a “cow-herd” model where a lot of children are stuffed in a place and thrust upon anything in the name of education was unjustifiable. We shared common goals wherein we wanted a preschool & day care which understands that:

  • No two children are the same
  • Each child has his/her individual interests and capabilities
  • Forcing young children especially between the ages of 2-4 causes more damage than help.
  • Mixed age groups in a classroom environment provide for enhanced learning.
  • Children learn better through hands-on experience, real-world application and problem-solving rather than through rote- learning and testing.
  • Academic competition and accountability are not effective ways to motivate a child to become well educated. They learn more effectively when school is seen as safe, exciting and as a joyful experience.

We realized there were very few preschools that even came close to offering want we felt was essence for children and even if they did they did not have a day care facility attached to it. The thought that little children have to shuttle between a good preschool and another day care facility in the same area or farther away was a heart wrenching.

With our research on preschool models and day care system and our connect with the best of people in the early education industry, it took us about 2 and half years to start Vedic Lore in Manyata residency.

Q: Tell us about the learning environment at Vedic Lore? What makes it special?

At Vedic Lore we take huge pride in having curated very unique learning environments. Spread across 11,000 sq. ft., we have separate spaces for each of the points below:

  1. Outdoor Art Gazebo
  2. Sense Exploratory garden and play park
  3. Reading nook / library
  4. Morning meet / circle time area
  5. Kitchen / no fire cooking area
  6. Dining area (we don’t believe in eating / studying / sleeping in the same area)
  7. Montessori lab
  8. Unstructured play / Waldorf lab
  9. Write / Create art room
  10. Chalk / board room
  11. Yoga / dance studio
  12. Music outdoor area
  13. Sleeping room

Q: Do you see Vedic Lore becoming a national brand? What are your vision/goal in the coming years?

Yes, Very soon! We are already in talks to empanel with major IT companies and tech parks considering that there is a need to provide the best of child care services and preschool education as a combination to the working parents. It is only a matter of time that we find like-minded people to collaborate with us and get our model working.

Our Vision will remain the same where “children will need to be children” and confining them to small spaces / rooms or thrusting age old education can never work. What we need today is children who are taught culture / values / empathy from an early age. That is what Vedic Lore will always strive for!

Q: With the companies supporting women with childcare benefits, do you feel, we will see more women taking up challenging roles in the future? Your message to working parent?

Yes, absolutely! Lot more companies have become progressive and almost all major players recognize the importance having a creche facility within their premises or at least within a 1 km radius to them. After entering parenthood, all of us change. Retaining their careers is equivalent to having their individual identities. What parents of today want is the assurance and every day support that their little bundles of joy are really well taken care off and they receive the best of both worlds (as close as it can get to family care and proper education.)

We at Vedic Lore recognize the importance of early education and child care and so we would always support parents to pursue their dreams and goals without any guilt or doubt.

We at Vedic Lore know that “it takes a village to raise a child” and we are here for you.

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