How to decide the Preschool/Daycare within your budget

Rhea a second time mom, was very clear to use Preschool for her second child from 18 months as she was clear on the benefits of preschool that her first child had experienced. However the fee of preschools was an important deterrent for her to start that young. In another case, Sushma had left her job for her son but now after he turned 1 she was joining back and struggled to find the daycare that met her budget.

Rhea & Sushma are like many moms who struggle with the decision of the best preschool or daycare support for their children & that isn’t cheap. Infant care in most cases is the costliest.
Here are a few tips to help you lower your childcare cost.

1. Determine your cost 

Putting a number against what you can afford as a monthly childcare cost gives you a great start for evaluating your options with respect to preschool or daycare

2. Start Early 

So start your search early & grab the best offers available for the season. Don’t wait for the last minute. Typically Preschools/Daycares have deep discount offers active in the month Of May-June.

3. Talk to HR

Companies are starting to recognize the burden that working parents face when it comes to child care – and they’re creating benefits to help.
What benefits does your company offer? Some businesses offer child care reimbursements for working parents. Check in with your human resources department so you don’t miss out on these money-saving benefits.

4. Use On-Site Child Care

If your company has an on-site day care, it can save your family money, while offering you peace of mind. Generally, on-site day care is more affordable than a day care in your community. And, best of all, your kids are nearby.

5. Research online

After a lot of research Rhea was able to find the free, online platform to help other parents navigate child care options in their area and compare rates. She took help of Proeves counselors to take the right decision. Book your counsel now.
She says that finding the right daycare is a tiring process involving lot of visits to the centres & calling them again & again asking the same questions. On ProEves, not only was she able to view all available options in her area but also was able to check the discounts available on them.

6. Check occasional discount of childcare

Mother’s day, Father’s Day or Children’s day; daycares offers great discounts on every occasion. From full waiver on admission fee to free trial months- all options are there for you to grab. Make most of these discounts.

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