This prodigy was painting at 1 year old, Know his story

Four year old Advait Kolarkar, is being recognised as a prodigy started painting before he was a year old, favouring an abstract, hands-on style

He is from Pune but moved to New Brunswick, Canada, in 2016 with his family. Advait became the youngest artist in the history of Canada’s Saint John Arts Centre to have a solo exhibition in January. His paintings are selling for thousands of dollars today. In the exhibition titled ‘Colour Blizzard’ his paintings were being for almost $2,000 (over Rs 1.3 lakhs).

Part of the earnings are being put away towards Advait’s education in future, and some donated to charity. One of his paintings was auctioned to raise money for the Children’s Wish Foundation in Saint John.

Shruti Kolarkar mother of Advait, a visual designer herself shares how the young boy picked up the brush when he was merely a year old, “His elder sister Swara used to paint with watercolours and he would take them and use that on the floor.”

She further explains in her interview with a leading daily, how even his artworks were not merely a play with colours but creations with a sense of composition and colour. She adds how each of Advait’s canvases with titles like “Supernova” and “Jellyfish” are a wash of well-composed colour, thickly layered by hand and brush.

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Source: Facebook/Advait Kolarkar