The woman leader behind Mumbai’s most popular brand

By definition Curriculum refers to the totality of student experiences that occur in the educational process. The term often refers specifically to a planned sequence of instruction, or to a view of the student’s experiences in terms of the educator’s or schools instructional goals. Preschools & full day daycares have a unique opportunity to enrich the early learning process in children by adopting & implementing a well designed curriculum.

Leading daycare & preschool brand in Mumbai – The Courtyard believes in giving the best to its children. ProEves team had an opportunity to speak to – Ms Rimjhim Banerjee – Director Education and Operations on importance of curriculum in early education. Excerpts from the interview –

Tell us about your journey with The Courtyard.

I joined The Courtyard about five and half years ago, the very day it opened its doors. The journey has been educational, informative as well as enjoyable. It has been incredible being part of the lives of so many children and it has reaffirmed my decision to be an early year’s practitioner.

How important is curriculum in early education? What role does it play in aiding child’s development?

The knowledge and skills that a child acquires in the early years lay the foundation for future learning. Hence an appropriate curriculum is important as it incorporates all the factors required for child development. The curriculum helps the early year’s practitioners to plan their daily routines, activities and experiences to ensure all developmental domains are supported and individual needs of a child are addressed.

Tell us about the curriculum at The Courtyard.

At The Courtyard our curriculum is child centric. We follow both Montessori and Play way method. Montessori builds a strong foundation and helps a child to understand the process rather than just following a teacher.

Children are happiest when they are involved in ‘Play’. Important concepts are introduced using everyday objects and activities which are fun and interesting thereby making learning enjoyable. Play –way method also enhances the creative skills of a child.

By following both these methods we at The Courtyard ensure that a child’s development is holistic.

What are your vision/goals in this New Year?

This year we hope that The Courtyard continues in its path of growth and development and we reach out to more parents and open more centres to make a difference in the lives of more children.

Your message to parents

Early years are the best part of a child’s life. Let learning be fun and creative. Be consistent, predictable and expose the children to different experiences as it will help them to be confident, self assured and give them the fortitude to face new situations.

Rimjhim Banerjee, a graduate in Science with vast experience in the field of Early Childcare and Education, has taught in schools in India, Singapore and London. She has completed the Cambridge International Primary Programme and has an International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy, for Early Childhood, from London. She is also trained in the Ruth Miskin Literacy Programme (Acorn Nursery School, London). Ms. Banerjee is certified in Paediatric First Aid (Pre-Med Health Care Limited, London).

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