Mindblowing DIY For Your Child

Is your child having a creative mind and always wants to get involved in some activity at home? Then, this is the most relevant article for you. All you want is an empty shoebox at home. You can now recycle the shoebox into a beautiful arctic themed shoebox theatre with colourful aquatic animals. Here are very simple steps to create a mini theatre by shoebox, this will increase your child’s creativity & also give you a chance to spend quality time with your child.
This project is best suitable for toddlers between the ages of 2-5 years. Let your toddlers take lead to a draw, build, decorate & play with the shoebox theatre as per/her creativity and you also enjoy doing the activity along with your child.

Materials needed:
•    Shoebox with lid
•    A3 sized cardboard- 1 big piece
•    White copy paper -1 sheet
•    A4 sized dark & light blue paper-2 or 3 sheets
•    5-7 wooden sticks
•    10 LED Christmas lights
•    Small wooden beads
•    Scissors, tape, pencil, blade, scale, felt-tip pens & many other things.

Below are the steps to make a DIY (Do It Yourself) activity shoebox theatre.

  1. Make a shaped frame on the bottom of the shoebox & one needs to cut it out within the measurement. One needs to draw long 3 to 4 lines on the longer side of the shoebox. Cut the lines slot with the blade.
  2. Mark & cut the same lines for making a platform. One must cut the same lines on a smaller piece of cardboard that fits inside the box. Two smaller pieces must fit between the two floors. So the platform gets fixed with the bottom frame.
  3. Apply glue to two separate platforms as well as the separator. Glue to be added to the bead holes & also fit them on the sticks via slots.
  4. After that, one can decorate the same. Put the lid on the shoebox. In order to create an arctic theme, use white & blue paper for the arctic theme. Snowy parts can be made with white paper. Cardboard pieces must be decorated & glued to the lines of the floor.
  5. One can also draw several cute penguins & whales. Colouring them is a good option & one can cut out the shapes. One can stick them to the wooden sticks.
  6. Several holes can be made in the background where one can also use wooden sticks & fit in the Led.
  7.  It’s time to turn on the shoebox theatre & play. One can also cover a white snowy forest where foxes, squirrels, bears, and lions can be present.

 In the end, you will have a beautiful theatre ready for your child; made by your child. Toddlers will surely have fun creating this beautiful shoebox theatre.  When you apply the beautiful & vibrant led lights, it becomes an aquatic colourful shoebox theatre ready for a puppet show.

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