A Wildly Popular Preschool That Will Transforms your Child’s Early Education.

Today, we are talking to a preschool which is widely popular among preschool parents. They are known for the holistic development of kids with love, respect and encouragement without any comparison with other kids. We had a small chat with CATTERFLIES’s Founder about their vision for making a responsible citizens of the coming generation

  • Tell us a little about the vision of your pre-school. 

Our vision at Catterflies Preschool Daycare and Activity Centre is the holistic development of kids with love, respect and encouragement without any comparison with other kids. To develop each kid with emotional, physical, intellectual and social values.

We believe in learning by doing and practising. We believe in not giving undue pressure on the kids at such a tender age. We are a multicultural campus and believe in the celebration of all the festivals and events celebrated across the globe

  • Tell us about your journey. How and when did you come up with your brand & what has been the inspiration?

Catterflies was established in August 2019. The journey started with a mindset that every child is a responsible citizen of the coming generation and thus becoming a part of this process of imparting education to the future generation was the inspiration to launch the preschool. 

I am an ECCED (Early Childhood Care and Education)certified teacher working with children for the last 20 years. I have also worked with special children before starting with Catterflies. 

My love for children and the constant urge to help children grow made me start Catterflies. We are looking forward to becoming one of the best preschools keeping in mind the kids’ development. 

  • What is unique about your brand?

Catterflies follows the play way method of teaching which promotes the overall development of our kids.

A lot of effort is taken to design the curriculum keeping the children in mind. An inquiry-based approach is followed which gives an opportunity to the children to ask questions, think critically and also express their ideas in various ways and grow as bright successful individuals 

  • Tell us about the team

We very well adhere to the fact that the teacher is a second mother to the child. Our teachers provide an encouraging and interactive learning environment to the young ones. Our teachers and staff have adequate knowledge and experience in their fields. They are in constant contact with their parents and believe in working together for the growth of their dear ones. Our teachers realize the importance of these early years and try to maximize the child’s learning in the time available. 

  • Any messages for the working parents now that the preschools and daycares are have opened up

The covid and the lockdown did not hamper our spirits and we were always in touch with our loved ones through the digital platforms as we believe that the learning should not stop. Now that the schools have opened up the children will get the appropriate exposure and learning resources required for raising a confident global learner under this roof. We always assure parents that every little step that the child takes in the classroom will lead to bigger steps in life.

  • Share some plans of the activities/events of the year for the centre

The classes that we currently cater to are 



Jr. Kg 

Sr. Kg

Phonics classes

Dance classes 

We will be expanding in the coming years with different kids related activities and facilities. The daycare facilities provided are always child-centred with a focus on quality facilities and resources. Various other co-curricular activities are also a part of the institution for the overall development of the child. 

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