Early Education Made Simple: 5 Preschools You Just Cannot Miss In Bangalore

Early Childhood is one of the important phases of development for human beings. Often it is been ignored and taken for granted. Early years play a significant part in becoming who they are as an adult. Even though physically every child is the same, the growth is the same the personalities differ once they become adults. Why? Because every child has their own upbringing and education. And therefore, understanding and catering to that becomes important.

There is some strong evidence that suggests:

The brain develops quickly in the early; lack of support will hamper overall development.

A child with early education achieves more success at school.

Early Education also helps in emotional, cognitive and logical reasoning.

1. Klay Preschools & Daycare

KLAY Preschool and Daycare is the most trusted partner for parents in India. KLAY has an extensive network of centers across India and is recognized as a world leader in early childhood education and care. Each center has carefully designed classrooms and a passionate team of teachers and educators to provide a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment for children.

KLAY Pre-K programs use a multi-intelligence approach to nurture and develop children’s intelligence. Classrooms feature a creative preschool curriculum that allows children to choose and play independently, a well-planned learning center for small groups, and supportive learning that prepares children for academic success. A child’s innate curiosity grows when he or she is encouraged to ask, explore, and explore for himself. Children are encouraged to connect their learning experiences with real-time experiences.

The KLAY preschool program uniquely combines structured and spontaneous experiences in a safe and multisensory environment. Each KLAY Center has a Learning Center designed specifically to support fun and educational learning. KLAY’s buildings provide a safe, stimulating and fun learning environment for all children.

KLAY Center has the following training facilities:

Age Appropriate Lead-free toys and learning aids

Large play areas lit by natural light

Learning centres for music and movement, storytelling, art and literary enrichment activities

Temperature controlled indoor environments

Secure Access Systems and real-time CCTV access

Trained nursing staff

Detailed SOPS for seamless center Operations management

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2. Podar Jumbo Kids

With over 94 years of experience in education, the Podar Group is now a network of 136 Podar International School (fully managed by the Podar Education Network) and 79. Podar Partner Schools with over 1,80,000 students and 7,600 dedicated and loyal students and Support staff.

Their ever-growing network of educational institutions includes a variety of Podar Jumbo Kids brand kindergartens, Podar International School brand elementary and secondary schools, Podar World School, junior colleges, part-time courses and teacher training institutions.

Poddar Center has the following training facilities:

Positive emotions enhance memory. Hence, they ensure children are always happy, smiling and joyous.

Our bodies release harmful chemicals under stress. These chemicals are not good for the brain. So no threats, punishments, or excessive competitions at Podar Jumbo Kids. Every child is a winner.

Diet activates memory, so they have a daily menu for snack time.

Learning about something within a meaningful context increases memory. 

Novelty boosts memory. So puppets and other fun aids are used by mentors.

Small muscle exercise stimulates brain growth. So scissoring activities, sand play and water play are important activities.

Cross lateral movements keep both sides of the brain working so balancing, creeping, crawling and climbing are a part of everyday activities.

For More Details Visit Poddar Jumbo Kids

3. Euro Kids International

Founded in 2001, EuroKids International is one of the leading organizations in the Indian education sector specializing in early childhood education and early childhood education programs. online environment

Preschool is your child’s first experience away from you. To make this home-to-school transition a smooth one, EuroKids PreSchool has Buddy, your child’s entertainment partner. When your little bundle of joy takes its first steps into a new world, he or she is not alone. Buddy is always ready to help your child adjust to the caring environment of our kindergarten. This makes Buddy your child’s best friend at EuroKids Preschool.

For More Details Visit Euro Kids International

4. Amelio

Amelio was born out of the belief that women can have everything. For someone who loves a successful career and happy children. At Amelio, they create and run high-quality kindergartens that empower women to overcome guilt and embrace joy.

Amelio follows the World of Discovery curriculum, which combines best practices from world-renowned teaching methods. Their children practice immersive learning through a thematic approach. They introduce children to a variety of activities on the same subject.

Amelio Reach is a blended learning program designed to support families at home and to interact with children at an early age through virtual activities with children. Their personalized, age-appropriate curriculum is designed for families, and we strive to help parents develop new routines that address the emotional needs and development of their children at home.

Inspired by the award-winning Amelio World of Discovery curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage program, Amelio Reach offers a comprehensive, activity-based routine that follows a new theme each week. The program aims to support young children in reaching milestones through a combination of online, offline, adult and children’s activities, and learning takes the form of live activities, videos, written content, printable homework worksheets and guided home study projects. delivered vividly.

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5. IPSAA Day Care and Preschool

It’s like a large family where children get the maternal care of a tutor with an average of 15+ years of experience and the brotherhood of a group of playmates. With a playful mind and a mind full of creativity, IPSAA believes children should be able to enjoy every moment to the fullest. With this in mind, they work with a team of experts in child psychologists, paediatricians, exercise therapists, yoga trainers, nutritionists and Montessori experts to create wonderful experiences for kids.

IPSAA Center has the following training facilities:

Age-appropriate material for playing, relaxing, creating and just being

A settling room with comfortable floor seating and access to the outdoor area

An infant room with trained nurses and helpers for children aged six months to one year

The toddler lounge – open and relaxed space with age-appropriate interactive materials

The lounges – replicating a living room or common room setting

For More Details Visit IPSAA

If you are looking for a fun, interactive way to teach with crafts and activities, that will help your child’s growth.

Then you must consider ProEves Learning Lab Programs. With added benefits like flexible formats, byte size engaging content, in line with NEP 2020 and most of all designed and delivered by preschool experts and early learning educators.