From Attendance Tracking to Bookkeeping, ProEves Edge App- Preschool’s One Stop Solution

To succeed it is necessary to accept the world as it is and rise above it.

-Michael Korda

Despite the critical role that child care providers have played in assisting other critical businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, the child care industry as a whole is in danger of collapsing owing to the economic effect. Providers and families of newborns and toddlers discuss the topics. We all are privy to the questions that arise in all of us as parents, and one of the common ones is.

Many children and adolescents have been adversely and inequitably impacted by remote learning. Returning to face-to-face learning is essential for the social, emotional, and cognitive development of children and adolescents.

COVID-19 has had an extraordinary influence on every element of human existence, and the world is still trying to come to grips with it. Cities and towns have been forced to go into lockdown due to the pandemic. The associated adverse effects, which include the abrupt termination of various social support programmes, have affected large groups of individuals. Work from home is not an option for a large section of the working population, and they have been summoned to their workplaces. And the normal safeguards for their young children while their parents are at work — preschools and daycares – are not in place. In this setting, parents have made a passionate plea for the establishment and reopening of early child care centres.

Early child care has been integrated into the school system under the National Education Policy 2020. According to this rationale, daycare centres should open about the same time as schools. We need to establish standards that will be disseminated to parents, employees, and centre managers. We must be ready in case an opportunity arises. We agree that the closure has impacted certain people, but we must keep in mind that safety is the most important factor. Since the pandemic has started to subside and the numbers have decreased and with offices reopening, We all can look for a possible reopening and growing demand of all the Child Care Institutions back in action soon.

We understand the hardships and expenses that are incurred to restart an institution that has been dormant for a very long time and to do so we have approached the market with our Free app with the hopes to help the centres easily manage their operations and track all the records & study materials while compensating and attending other parameters as well and boost their presence. It will be our sheer pleasure if we can help you regain that glorious regime where education was unhindered. We all need to adapt to the changing times and this state-of-the-art App not only helps you adapt but also simplifies and takes away all your worries with just a single click from the comfort of your choosing, be it Online, Offline or Hybrid.

Gone are the days when parents and teachers had to take time off work to track every individual child’s  Growth; today all you need is the ProEves Admin and Teacher app – A school management software, which is not only user-friendly but has also been validated by a number of parents, and Early Child Care Institutions.

Every Child’s and Growth, activities, Health Certificates, Requisitions, Fees and notices are at just your fingertips.

For All teachers to track their Daily log and activities, upload links or certificates to online classes and provide Work notes or Worksheets all with the ease of your comfort.

Facing challenges with the attendance of your staff, Do now worry we got you covered. Our State-of-the-Art  QR interfaced attendance tracking with a Manual entry facility makes it a go-to app for all the institutions as it helps the institutions to track or requisition all the attendance for the Employees with access to time tables schedules, and upcoming events if any.

Tracking of Fees and online Bookkeeping for all expenses and transactions: We have not only changed the way to make payments and approvals just with one click but also provided a feature for your centre to track all your expenses, incomes and Pending Fees submissions just for your ease to run the operations smoothly.

Be stress-free and leave the majority of paperwork at home since all the information you need, from parent involvement to fee schedules to assignment submissions and teacher attendance per class, is now available on the ProEves dashboard.

If you wish to offer any information / event statistics / price details / Upcoming Session / Online Class. Only for you: It’s now simple and quick to broadcast any vital messages to either Parents or Staff from the comfort of your own, we’ve considered it as well.

Isn’t it thrilling? I wish such features had been available in my Early Childhood Care. At the very least, my parents and school would have been quite effective in terms of my education and measuring my progress, but alas!

However, with the ProEves Edge app, you won’t have to worry about hustling and managing operations, or keeping track of your employees and students.

The Best part is that it is absolutely free!

Yeah, you read that correctly: ProEves Admin and Teacher app will not charge you for this piece of art, even if you use it to train your staff. All you have to do now is download it and experience Management Ease as you’ve never experienced before.

We’re here to assist you to nurture young brains by providing you with incredible tools to help you better shape their future with correct concentration.

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