Safety Measures Taken By School During COVID-19

Back to school should not get you full of nerves. Safety and security are necessary steps for any school to take. Here are some schools that are leaving no stones unturned to take care of your child and ensure they are safe and sound.

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Elements Kids is administered by IIM alumni who strive to impart high standards of early childhood education and care to children. Deep expertise in Montessori pedagogy of the founding team and the teaching faculty helps the children blossom to their potential.


To battle against the pandemic, Elements Kids has ramped up their existing infrastructure with more sanitization checkpoints and also included health and hygiene as a very important teaching lesson. Some of which are given below:

Superior Standards of Hygiene
Impeccable Child Safety Processes
Safe Child Entry & Exit Procedures
Entrance manned at all hours
Child safe equipment and toys
First aid Facility & accessible Medical facilities
Purified and Safe Drinking Water
CCTV Surveillance System
Fire Extinguisher available
Kids trained on “Good-Touch-Bad-Touch”
Attention to Detail
Spacious, well lit and ventilated facilities
Qualified, Trained & Caring Staff Members
Highly Qualified Teachers
Individual Attention to Kids


They pride themselves on being able to provide a happy, safe and inclusive environment in which children aged 2 years to 6years old are encouraged to explore their potential!

As the name suggests, in Little Innocence, they believe in protecting the innocence that a child carries and believe it to be a very essential quality while growing up. Building a culture of a lifelong love for learning wherein they can foster the right behaviour, values and discipline while bringing out the true potential of what and how they can be their best.

They follow a strict cleanliness policy.
The preschool is cleaned 3 times a day.
In order to keep infections away, they check every child every day to know if he/she has fever/allergy, etc.
All the materials used for children are cleaned every week.
The food–(milk and snacks) is prepared in a clean kitchen area.
All kitchen utensils are cleaned every day after use.
The water purifier is used for drinking water.


One of the most important things for your child’s development is his or her safety. And, At Aptech International, preschool gives top priority to your child’s safety needs and protects them from any kind of adverse scenarios.

Regular monitoring, health checkups, Handwash etiquette all have become an integral part of the teaching.

They also have a very qualified set of teachers who not only help kids in their educational journey but also inculcate the habits of handwashing and safe distancing among kids

Covid Safety: This centre is following safety & hygiene measures
Sanitised Environment
Trained Staff
Safe Practices


To empower the children with all abilities to create a more vibrant and energized world, leading them to be happy lifelong learners. Kara’s unique exploratory approach focuses on Active Whole-person learning to keep the skills of the 21st century in mind, leading them into research and a child-led self-directed lifelong learning. Extreme care is given to each centre’s infrastructure, in order to keep it hygienic by including daily deep cleaning, weekly maintenance schedules, regular replacement of learning resources and upgradation of the environment.

Standard Operating Procedures are implemented and internal guidelines are followed with regard to sick children, dress code, food and mealtimes, medication, weekly feedback to parents, and affiliation to local hospitals to ensure that the Happiest Kids are indeed at Kara.


Eager Beavers Preschool and Daycare aim to provide your little ones with a warm, stress-free, beautiful, secure, home-like environment. At Eager Beavers, each child benefits from Sure P.L.A.E (Sure to Protect, Love & Enrich), a unique 360-degree program that goes beyond curriculum & training to include comprehensive quality checks.

In our talk with Eager Beavers, the centre was talking about the guidelines that they follow.

Regular sanitisation 
Practising social distancing 
Mandatory mask
Four  times handwash 
Temperature check 

The commitment to provide a safe, healthy and well-balanced education is apparent in this centre, who also boasts of having unparalleled standards in the CDE(Child Development & Education) space.

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