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Creating a second home for children through Pre-Schools, where they are nurtured with affection, care, responsibility and happiness. Developing a comprehensive learning environment for every child. Imparting thorough knowledge to parents about the total development of their children.

We are in chat with the Founder of Sharda Shikshan Sanstha, Sheetal Sanjeev Mali.

Tell us about your journey how and when did your brand and what has been the inspiration?
Everyone has a career aspiration in their life, and that desire was in my mind too. With that in mind, my journey began, and I set up an educational institution called Sharda Shikshan Sanstha.
Since my father was a police inspector, I have been watching him closely since I was a child. I was overwhelmed by his decision-making ability and the desire to do something similar in my life. As soon as I finished school, my father arranged my marriage in a well-educated family where I was inspired by my mother-in-law to learn and earn and I first worked as an accountant in a manufacturing company. I had two little daughters in between and then I started to think that this job is not suitable for a full-time job and I turned to education. Then I studied B.Ed and did a thirteen-year job in the school as a teacher. While doing this, life brought me another great opportunity, and that is to set up an educational institution and then I started teacher training courses for women to become financially independent. Our educational institution is registered with the Government of Maharashtra. Sarada Education Institute was established in 2019. The organization is run in four divisions, the first division has teacher training classes, the second division has online pre-school, the third division has language coaching classes for board students and the fourth division has placement service for teachers only.

What is unique about your brand?
One hundred percent effort is made in our educational institute for women to get financial independence. Teacher training courses are also implemented to ensure placement.
Our second division is Sharda Shining Star Preschool. In addition to educational studies, we have also provided education to the children so that the children get to know Indian culture and develop good habits. If we want to create a perfect India and intelligent citizens of India; it is very important to focus on it from childhood and that is why we have combined study and culture. And Yes, that’s our uniqueness

Tell us about the team.
Speaking of Sarada Educational Institution, my entire staff is well-trained, certified and a hard worker.

Any message to the working parents?
When it comes to working parents, they can give their children very little time. All I want to say is understand how much time you have with your children, treat them with love and spend quality time with them.

What are the plans for the Centre this year?
Our plans this year are to expand the organization to as many people as possible, to strive for the organization to be at the top.

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