How do you Homeschool your Infant or Toddler?

“Success Mantra” Homeschooling is simply a way to describe you, taking advantage of opportunities to guide your little learner as they discover the world around them. When I chat about homeschooling infants/toddlers, I’m talking about reading with them, playing with them, and involving them in those day-to-day life moments that have the power to teach.

Despite many benefits of homeschooling, at-home learning can be challenging for both parents & kids. It is difficult to create a routine in a home learning environment. This can lead to frustration on both ends.

Although you may feel stressed out, homeschooling with a baby is easier than it sounds.

To learn how to keep your homeschooling on track, check out these helpful tips-

1. Create a designated learning space: To avoid confusion, keep your kid’s study material, play material organized & designate a place where they can keep their books, art, etc.

2. Set up a routine: Routine is very important for everyone, especially kids. Without a proper set routine, everything seems unstructured & scattered. Set their routine for all the activities such as wake up time, breakfast time, circle time.
Take them to grocery stores & ask them the colour of fruits, vegetables. Take them to theme-based destinations such as Kidzania, zoos etc. Teach them shapes by showing different objects in home such as–circle shape chapatti, plate, triangular shape pizza, rectangle shape cake, etc.

3. Restrict access to toys & activities: Hide certain toys & activities until you need them. Like if your kid loves to play with play dough, do not allow access to play dough all day, every day. Save it for independent work time. If you allow access at a certain time of day or a certain day of the week, it will seem more special than if you allow your child to play with it whenever they want to.

Final Words-. Learning how to homeschool with babies & toddlers is not an easy task, but it can be done. Since every child is unique, try to figure out tips & tricks that work best for you and your kids. Good luck.

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