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Teachers with passion inspire students. “Love what you teach, and they will love it too.” Lot of studies have proved that passionate teachers inspire & play a crucial role in student’s lives. They get students interested and even excited about what they are learning. During COVID times, our teachers have supported us immensely by establishing a new equilibrium and a new normal for learning amid the present challenges.

We spoke to Ms Charlette Mathews on her views on teaching as profession & parenting during COVID times. She has been into this profession since 2004 & now continue to support children with her virtual classes in English , Hindi , Marathi , Social Studies Excerpts from her chat!!

Q1: What do you love about teaching as a profession?

Charlette- I love explaining to them ,reading for them also taking their reading ,helping them in their work ,motivating them, also encouraging them to study and learn new things.

Q2: What are your tip for Parents in Covid.

Charlette- As a parent I understand how stressful the current times are for kids. My advice to parents would be

1. Be Patient with your children as in this COVID situation the children are the ones who are suffering more than any one.

2. As a parent we need to understand our child and his/her requirements , they have been caged for nearly 9 months a really long time ,they need us .

3. It is important to make studies interesting rather than stressful for kids

4. Teachers are trying their level best to make learning easy and interesting for the kids. We should also try some easy tricks to make them learn .

5. Together with the cooperation of the parents teachers can work for the betterment of the children.

6. Be positive and encourage kids in gaining knowledge online. It isn’t easy but not as difficult as it sounds. Sometimes Kids may teach you as well how to handle Gadgets.

7. Ensure your kids learn not just from online classes but through their surroundings too. Learning happens without formal education too. So, ask kids to be observant & self-learn.

Q3. How to keep kids engaged during these times?

Charlette – We need to be creative to keep kids engaged with simple activities; they need not be complex
1. Encourage reading: Right from newspapers to comics, reading helps. It helps build vocabulary.

2. Get your child involved in every activity. Give them age-appropriate responsibility. They feel good. But don’t expect perfection & criticize them. Encourage them to do better.

3. Encourage in creative activity. There are endless options on YouTube for all age groups. Sit with them & convert all your waste into best possible home decor. This servers as a good parent-child bonding, the ability to create something new gives satisfaction & a major distraction from screen time.

4.Ensure you give this precious time to your kid may be night you can spend 30min – 1 hour playing board games.

5. Be a happy parent. Enjoy the lockdown period & don’t stress over it. Make memories to reminisce few years down the lane.

6. Do not push kids doing your given activity, as all kids are blessed in their own way and have their own hobbies and interest.

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