Dealing with anxiety in children during lockdown | Proeves Learning Lab

COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has also brought about a sense of fear and anxiety among children, around the globe. Although social distancing is the new normal, it has led to immense pressure on the kids. Their entire schedule has turned upside down.

Right from the introduction of online classes to restricted contact with their friends and relatives have left them in a stressful situation. Mostly children are unable to communicate their exact feelings, which in turn leading to anxious behavior. And parents of anxious children are confused about what to do, and how to deal with it at this point.

Here are some of the ways to help your children to manage stress during this lockdown:-

Try to maintain a regular schedule to reassure children and promote their physical and mental health. Children need routine to follow, so encourage them to continue learning, playing, eating and sleeping on the same structure.

Make sure that the children gets to connect with their friends or extended family in a safe way, whether its by phone, text or video chat.

Try to limit the amount of screen time, especially when its focused on COVID-19. Too much information can lead to unnecessary anxiety among children. Following this will not only reduce their anxiety but yours as well. Encourage children to engage themselves in other activities instead.

When children get some specific task, they get easily engaged in it, which in turn helps reduce the anxiety to great extent. Assign some chores in a fun and creative way, so that their minds get occupied, which will ultimately make them happy and relaxed.

Only study and no fun will make the children more depressed. And they will also loose interest from everything around. Instead, simply make a routine and ask them to follow it.

Since, we are all locked inside our homes, it is indeed a tough time for all of us. No matter how whether we are working from home or not, it is extremely important to spend time with the kids too. So, spend quality time with them by playing with them, help them with their studies and hobbies to make them feel better during this stressful condition.

We’re all in this situation for the first time, and we’re all learning. Remember to be kind, and forgive yourself if you make any mistake. You can let your kids know, with all honesty, this pandemic will not last forever. We are all in this together. This too shall pass, till then be patient and keep your child happy!