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5 Best Construction Theme Activities for Preschoolers | Proeves Learning Lab

Kids are fascinated with tractors, digging, creating, and building new things!
Your little one can learn all about digging, building, and construction with our Construction Preschool Calendar Theme!

Why Learning About Construction Important for Kids?

Learning about construction is important for kids because it will teach them in problem solving, connecting, understanding, and be inquisitive in both learning and play. This will also help them engage their imagination and experiment with new concepts, while learning about the role of builders in our world.

By incorporating building activities early-on, preschoolers will get to learn about all the possible things they can be when they grow up, including STEM jobs like construction workers, architects, and engineers. This is crucial for creating a new generation who can change the world around us.

Teach your child that construction work is an important job Be it a carpenter installing walls and window frames or a driver making a huge crane lift heavy things. People at the construction/building site or have to work together as a team to succeed.

Your kids will surely LOVE these hands-on, play-based math, literacy and other Construction themed engaging activities for preschoolers and toddlers.

1. Monday Activity – Alphabet digging game:
Ask your little one to “Dig” this Construction Alphabet Sensory Bin as they learn the ABC’s through sensory play. Construction site alphabet digging activity encourages fine motor skills as children are picking up the letters and “dumping” them.

2. Tuesday Activity – Construction Site Shape Sorter
From circular signs and wheels to rectangular windows and triangular metal supports, construction zones are chock-full of geometric shapes—making your excursion an ideal time to practice recognising and finding them!

3. Wednesday Activity – Types of Construction Vehicles
This animated learning video on types of construction vehicles teaches children the names, sounds and descriptions of sixteen different pieces of construction equipment, construction vehicles, and heavy machinery that are found on a construction/building site.

4. Thursday Activity – Construction Books for kids:
Kids are going to love this collection of construction books for kids! Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site is a delightful book; as the sun sets and the day ends the trucks and diggers on the construction site get to say goodnight. It’s a lovely book to read whatever the time of day but especially nice at bedtime too.

5. Friday Activity – DIY Bulldozer Craft activity:
Can you design and build a bulldozer / truck? This construction themed Origami Bulldozer for kids gets them thinking like real engineers.