Top 10 Math activities to introduce numbers to your Preschooler | Proeves Learning Lab

The first step towards learning Maths is the identification of numbers and counting. Understanding numbers prepares preschoolers for more complex tasks like arranging numbers, sorting them later in school. Though playway is the best way to learn, but your child won’t be able to learn numbers just by singing or repeating the number names. They have to touch, feel, grasp objects in order to understand the concept behind numbers. Here we list some simple activities which will help your child understand numbers:

1. Clean up toys: After play, involve your child to clean up the mess. Ask your child to count the number of toys before putting them back into the box. This will not only help them learn counting but also inculcate a good habit of tidying up their room.

2. Fingerprint Counting : Sensory activities are very important for a child’s development. They help boost creativity and also relaxes them. In this activity we combine Maths with sensory play. You can take a printout or make your own basket and let the child finger paint the apples according to the number written against each one. 

3. Numbers are all around: When you go out for a walk, try to get your child to identify numbers on house boards, parked cars. You can make the game more exciting by trying to recognize all numbers before a car passes by!

4. Sing along: There are many rhymes around numbers like “one little, two little, three little Indians”.  Along with singing, use your fingers for greater emphasis on counting.

5. Combine Art with Numbers: You can draw numbers and ask your child to colour them or paste bits of paper to form different colour numbers. This will keep the child engaged while he is learning to recognize different numbers.

6. Matching Game: There are many wooden toys available where children can match the number written on one piece to the number of items on another piece. You can also make your own version by writing a number of top of a sheet and asking your child to stick as many stickers.

7. Numbered Parking lot: If your child loves playing with cars, you can turn it into a learning activity by numbering the cars and drawing a parking lot on a board or a sheet of paper . Number the parking lots and ask your child to park the car in its corresponding space.

8. Clipping Numbers: Make a circle divided into 10 pies. Stick one star in first segment, two stars in second and so on. Mark numbers from 1 to 10 on wooden clips. Ask your child to fix the clip on the correct number of stars.

9. Sticking fruit on tree: Make a big tree on paper and also some small oranges. Let your child stick the oranges on the tree while also counting them.

10. Make your own Puzzle : Children tend to get bored with their toys very soon, hence it is a great idea to make your own DIY puzzles. You can draw a number on one side of paper and corresponding number of bold colourful dots on the other side. Now cut the sheet into two parts but not in a straight line. Your child will enjoy finding the pieces that fit together and recognizing the relationship between counted dots and the number.

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