Top 5 Ladybug Math Activities for Preschoolers | Proeves Learning Lab

We are always looking at new and interesting ways to practice Maths. Young kids feel more engaged when we relate Maths to the things around them especially animals. We are listing few activities taking the theme of Ladybug for teaching various Maths concepts as nothing can be more versatile object than ladybug with its spots.

1. Count the Dots: The simplest activity to start this is counting the number of dots on the Ladybug. You can take printables that are readily available or make your own ladybugs with different number of dots. Another variation for older kids is to count the dots and tell whether they are odd or even.

2. Addition: The ladybug activity provides a good visual description to how addition is carried out. You can use different number of dots on left and right wing and then the child can find out the total number of dots on the Bug.

3. Matching Numbers : This will help the child not only in counting but also matching the counted dots with respective numbers so that they know what each number represents. Mark different number of dots on each ladybug and write three numbers underneath. Ask the child to clip the correct number.

4. Ladybug and its leaf : Another variation of the matching game is that you mark dots on the ladybug and write corresponding number on leaves. Ask the child to tell which leaf belongs to which ladybug.

5. Ordering Ladybugs: You can teach the concept of greater than /lesser than by making ladybugs of increasing size according to the number of dots. The child can order the ladybugs in a sequence according to size and also see the correlation of bigger number to bigger size.

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