Top 5 Monsters Theme Activities for Preschoolers | Proeves Learning Lab

Welcome to the Monster World !
Monsters don’t have to be scary. They can be quirky, cute, and even silly. We got you some fabulous monster theme preschool activities for planning your preschool monster theme calendar for the week.
Your kiddos will enjoy these fun, silly activities.

1. Monday Activity – Monster Matching:
This is a fun and simple matching game the whole family can enjoy! Print the picture cards. Cut out the cards and lay all cards face down. Ask your child will to try and match up the pairs from memory when they’re face down.

2. Tuesday Activity – Monster Books for Kids:
Here are the best monster books to get your hands on, and read together with your preschooler. They make cute bedtime stories and kids love them too.

3. Wednesday Activity – Monster Math Game :
The monsters are here and only maths can save you ! Select your difficulty level, then select your skill and the game is on. Play the game here

4. Thursday Activity – Monster song video:
Get spooky and adventurous with the five spooky monsters video !

5. Friday Activity – Halloween DIY Craft
Celebrate the spooky season with these Halloween DIY crafts for toddlers. They’re perfect for decorating your house for trick-or-treating. It also improves your child’s motor skills, creative thinking, and cognitive development. All you need is a few easily available craft supplies and some festive Halloween spirit.

1. Start off by cutting out a ghost shape.
2. Let your little one have some fun sticking on the glue.
3. Next, glue the cotton balls on until the ghost is covered.
4. Cut out some eyes and a mouth on black paper (or color them with a black marker) and glue them on.
Tip: Make it smile so that the ghost looks friendly, not spooky!
5. You can tape some yarn to hang your ghosts up somewhere in your house.

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