Top 5 math activities to do with Lego blocks | Proeves Learning Lab

Lego is a favourite activity of kids through many age groups . So why not make use of it to learn Maths. Afterall, Lego is a game that involves sorting, stacking, patterns . Lets start with some simple activities to do with Lego which will enable your child to grasp Maths concepts playway.

1. Stack ‘em up : Toddlers can learn counting and what comes next by using stacking. Simply number the Lego blocks from 1 to 10. Ask your child to stack the bricks from 1 to 10.

2. Sorting : Different Lego blocks can be sorted and stacked according to colour. This will help your child practice sorting skills. Further, you can make patterns like 2 red , 1 blue and ask your child to copy the pattern or recognize the pattern. These pattern games help build memory in children.

3. Lego tables & Graphs: Lego can be used to introduce the concept of graphs. Yes! and we are talking about your preschooler not a primary school kid. Actually creating a graph is a very simple process which your preschooler can understand pretty well as it enables one to visualize and compare the objects that they count. You can create a graph of different colour toys that your child has. Ask the child to put one Lego block for a particular colour toy. At the end they can see which colour toys they have maximum or minimum in number.

4. Lego Symmetry Challenge : Create any simple or complicated structure using Lego and ask your child to make other half of the structure.

5. Greater Than/Less Than : Its so much easier to teach greater than/less than with Lego . All you have to do is stack the numbers you want to compare and let the child gauge whether the number is greater (which will result in taller stack) or lesser.