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5 Best Zoo Theme Activities for Preschoolers | Proeves Learning Lab

Are you looking for zoo animal activities for toddlers? We’ve searched and found some of the best ideas for you! 

Animals fascinate children, especially the ones which are big, scary and wild !

Let’s explore zoo animals in this homeschooling calendar of preschool activities full of math, literacy, science, art activities, and more.

1. Monday Activity: Introducing vocabulary for zoo animals
If you have plastic animal toys you can use them or you can use zoo animal flashcards like zebras, elephants, hippos, deers, tigers, lions, giraffes, monkeys, peacocks, bears, seals, penguins etc. to introduce vocabulary to your preschooler.

2. Tuesday Activity: Teach them the Rules at the zoo
Pre-teach verbs such as feed, touch, buy, run, watch, shout, eat, stroke, etc, then brainstorm dos and don’ts at the zoo. Ideas include:
You can feed the ducks.
You mustn’t feed the lions.
You mustn’t touch the elephant.
You must buy a ticket.

3. Wednesday Activity: Zoo Animal Yoga
Draw your favorite zoo animal, and create a yoga pose similar to it. Have children choose 4 to 6 zoo animals they want to use to create yoga poses. Children draw pictures of the animals to show how they stand or rest. Name the animal pose – children may have more than one animal doing the same pose.

4. Thursday Activity: DIY Lion Craft Activity

5. Friday Activity: Sing the “Let’s Go to the Zoo” song

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