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Top 5 activities to introduce Shapes to your Preschooler | Proeves Learning Lab

1. Monday activity : Introducing shapes through environment
Learning shapes is one of the fundamental skills in early math. When introducing shapes to toddlers, start with the things/objects around you. Point out shapes in the environment, discuss what each shape looks like.

2. Tuesday activity: Teaching with a Shapes Chart
The shapes chart below contains the simplest and most common shapes that your child will encounter – square, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle and diamond. Perfect for children only just learning their shapes.

shape chart

3. Wednesday Activity: Teaching with Toys – Shape sorting activity
Sorting is an important skill for children as it helps them develop ability to think about the attributes of objects and how they relate to other objects. Sorting is also a great way to develop logical thinking.

4. Thursday Activity: Teaching Shapes with Videos
Let your kid watch and enjoy the video which introduces to the basic shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles and circles.

5. Friday Activity: Teaching Shapes with art / craft Activity
Cut out a range of shapes of different sizes from coloured paper and create a picture! Use rectangles for a table, a circle for the sun, a square and triangle for a house.

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