5 Math Activities for preschoolers that are Super fun !

If your objective is to lay a solid math foundation for your child at the preschool stage, we encourage you to look at mathematics from a holistic perspective. 

You can help children develop numeracy and maths skills through everyday activities like counting, sorting, matching shapes, lacing and many more.

1. Sorting:
Sorting is an important foundational math skill for preschoolers. We always start with learning to sort by colour, and then move onto sorting by Size and Shape. 

2. Counting objects:
Stacking blocks are fantastic toddler learning toys for teaching mathematics concepts to your little one. Numbered blocks are great for practicing number recognition and number sequencing. You could use stacking counters or beads in place of blocks. 

3. Pattern Matching:
Like sorting, matching too is an important early child math skill that helps in classification of objects. Important early matching skills that a young child needs to develop are Matching by Shape, Size, Colour and pattern. When it comes to teaching your kids with pattern activities, hands-on is the way to go!

4. Lacing Beads:
Lacing is great for teaching counting and making fun math games for kids! It is not only a good activity to improve the fine motor skills but it also improves the eye hand co-ordination.

5. Measuring:
It is one of those math skills that are very much needed in our everyday life. So much math can be learnt while the kids do the simplest activities involving measuring! How many? How full? How much?

Credits: Jenice Chaudhary (An expert homeschooling Mom)

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