Fun Preschooler activities that combine Science with Art

“Mom …I am bored…” Isn’t that what you get to hear all day? With extended lockdown, kids will be restricted to indoors, you have to engage them in some activities where they are engaged happily. Here are few simple do it yourself activities exclusively for kids at home:

Beautiful volcano

What you need – vase, baking soda, vinegar, food, glitter & pan.


  • Place 2-3 Tablespoons baking soda in the bottom of the vase.  Put the vase at a plane surface.
  • Add 6-7 drops of food colouring and 1-2 teaspoons of glitter.
  • Quickly pour in about 1/2 cup vinegar.  Watch for the sparkles!
  • When the action is over, repeat the experiment

Toy Parachute

What you need-Plastic bag, thread/yarn, paper cup       

  • Cut the handle of plastic bag, punch four holes in paper cup.
  • Get four 12 inches tread/yarn. Tie one end yarn at cup hole & other end to plastic bag. Do the same with other tread.
  • Decorate your parachute & launch.  

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