10 Best Preschools/Daycares in Bangalore

It’s a constant battle for choosing what’s best for your child starts from the day he is born. From selecting the best paediatrician to dressing him up in best clothes, from starting with the right solids for him to buying the best toys & books for him. But one of the toughest decisions that a parent has to make is finalising a pre-school of their kid.

Child’s first transition from home to preschool thus it’s very important to find a preschool that introduces your toddler to academic learning while playing and grow with all necessary skills needed for early childhood development. Here is the list of top 10 best preschools of India working for child’s early education:

1.CDC: (Child Development Centre) CDC Kids is a Bangalore based chain of high-end Montessori schools catering to preschoolers and providing daycare and after-school care services. It caters to an age group of 6 months -12 years. Their unique features are high quality of teaching as these are the formative years for a child, infrastructure and resources. As a Montessori Preschool, they ensure that the children acquire appropriate social behaviour, interpersonal skill and practical knowledge required in life to stand out as caring individuals. Register here for more info

2. Firstcry Intellitots: Firstcry Oi learning focuses on the Multiple Intelligence which caters to the holistic development of a child. The curriculum focuses on 6C’s – (1) Communication (2) Collaboration (3) Compassion (4) Confidence (5) Critical Thinking (6) Creativity. The well planned activities at Firstcry help your child develop motor skills, social skills and build confidence. The centre is having Play zone, pool zone, sand play area, Audio visual room, Role-play corner, and much more in 6,500 sq feet of huge space. Register here for more info.

3. Footprints: FootPrints Play Schools prepare children with a strong foundation for life. Footprints has grown to 14 cities, overall 106+ Centres, 14937+ delighted parents. Footprint is rated by Silicon India Magazine. They provide live CCTV feeds to parents and for playful learning they teach kids by storytelling, dancing, drawing & colouring with a world class staff child ratio of 1:5 for 9 – 18 Months, 1:8 for 19 – 30 Months and so on. They have perfectly planned activities for all age group. Register here for more info.

4. Feathertouch International : It is rated as the best Play school in Bangalore by various parent groups and organizations and has won many awards from reputed organizations. They are a member of Highscope foundation, US and follow a custom made curriculum based on Highscope teaching methods. Feathertouch International play school is run by qualified and experienced professionals. The world class syllabus and experienced teaching staff helps the child to be prepared for challenges of formal school education.

5. IPSAA: IPSAA is one of the highest quality daycare & preschool chain in India. They work like a large Indian home for children where they create wonderful experiences for kids, enrich their thoughts and add joy to their journey of growing up. They have presence across 10 cities of India. They partner with parents to provide quality childcare thus empowering mothers and creating happy families. First priority at IPSAA is safety and comfort of children at all time. They always strive to improve themselves continuously. Register here for more info.

6. Klay Prep Schools & Daycare: They set the standard for Early Childhood Education – an unforgettable experience of independent learning, creative thinking and strong values for your little one! The preschool program at KLAY has a unique mix of structured and spontaneous experiences in a safe, healthy and multi-sensory environment. Each centre has purposefully designed learning centres to support fun and educational learning experiences. Register here for more info.

7. Kara4Kids: Kara was founded in 2006, they strongly believe & stands by their ethos that the core of Kara is Love. The team at Kara4Kids envision to lovingly nurturing children in a safe and homely environment by focusing on their physical and mental well-being so that they can learn and advance with a smile on their face. Over 2000 kids, Kara serves a best in class facilities, nutritious meal and healthy, hygienic & loving environment to children. Register here for more info.

8. The Learning Curve: The Learning Curve approach is to introduce the child to new concepts and ideas in an engaging manner. The team of TLC has specialists guided by “Patricia Koh”, a renowned international figure in early childhood education, have designed curriculum, so that the child benefits from teaching methodologies that are world-class, the curriculum revolves around the concept of ‘multiple intelligence’ that help your child to have a strong base. They have a Live App that’s provided to parents to ensure greater parent trust. Register here for more info.

9. Safari Kid: Safari Kid having presence in 7 countries is awarded for “Innovation In Curriculum In Early Childhood Education”. They offer best preschool programs across 40+ locations globally. Safari Kids believe that kids fall in love with learning when along with the learning curve they also have fun. With such an approach, kids will become life-long learners, with mindset of growth, as well as they will be well equipped to take on all of challenges in life. They have introduced Project Based Learning approach to early childhood education for the first time across globe. Register here for more info.

10. Vivero International: Vivero, aims to develop engaging environments that support children’s inquisitiveness while providing ways for them to stimulate their minds. Surroundings of pre-school and child care facility are a place of shared relationships among children, teachers and parents. The facility produces a feeling of belonging in the world that is alive, welcoming and authentic. With spacious outdoor facilities like water play area, sand play area, jungle gym, traffic parks and much more, Vivero infuses the best of what outdoors has to offer while driving holistically educational approach. Register here for more info.

Note: The sequence does not indicate any ranking.