Top 4 energy buster indoor games for your child

Energy buster games are a great way for kids to keep them entertained & channelize their energy. These activities will not only fight boredom but also challenge children’s mind and muscles eventually strengthen their bodies and releasing all that pent-up energy.

We have an epic list of active energy buster games and activities that will get your kids up, moving & happily engaged.

Shape Game: Use tape to put a variety of shapes, letters and/or numbers on your floor. Give them instructions to follow a particular shape/letter (for example: “crawl to the square”, “hop to the T”, “Run to the rectangle”). Your toddler would love this game & this not only keeps your child moving but also helps them learn their shapes, letters and numbers!

Hopscotch Game: Make a large square with your tape and then divide it into 9 or more small squares, marking numbers in each one. The typical hopscotch game; count the points at the end and treat them based on points.

Balloon Balance Game: Challenge your kids to balance the balloon with their hands without holding. Check how long they can maintain it without falling it on the ground.

Sticky Spider Web: Use painter’s tape and make a web-like design on any doorway opening with least movement. Ask your child to make few small paper balls or use balloons or any lightweight toy. Ask them to count how many objects stick at the web.

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Bright Beginnings

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  Type: Online Engagement for Kids
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  Event Time : App based access for classes
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Mindseed Preschool & Daycare
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