Fun Activities for Your Toddler

With the COVID19 situation bringing everything to stand still, it is difficult for parents to engage with their child and keep them busy with productive activities. So FirstCry Oi Intellitots based in Whitefiled Bangalore has initiated the activity online wherein you and your child can indulge in this learning with the fun session.

These are the fun DIY activities for your pre-schooler and toddler that will help in holistic development.

Leaf Painting

This is a fun activity for pre-schoolers and they can create leaves with their handprints.

You will need
Papers in different colours, Pencil, Paint, Scissors, Glue    
Roll out the coloured paper on a flat surface.
Ask your child to place a hand over the paper and outline the hand.
After the outline is ready, you can help kids cut the paper along that outline with scissors.
This can be repeated until there are colourful set of handprint cuttings.
Draw a tree trunk on a sheet.
Kids can stick the cuttings using glue around the trunk like leaves.  

Salad Making

This is the time to bring out the equipment’s and indulge in a constructive preschool activity that will contribute effectively to their cognitive development.

You will need
Carrots, French beans, red capsicum, Cherry tomatoes, Shredded leaves of lettuce, PepperOlive, Oil,Mayonnaise, Salt  
Get the child to  mix all the ingredients, except the seasoning, in a large bowl with the help of a wooden spatula.
Help the child measure one tsp olive oil and mix it into the salad.
Next, measure the rest of the seasonings, salt and pepper, and mix in with the salad.
They’ll love it when they see their self-made salad at the dining table !  

Game Box

This will help keep the rooms clean and organise the games/toys but also create responsibility in the child to tidy and keep everything in one place.

You will need
A trunk or big box, All the favourite games/toys/puzzlesPaint  
Colour a large box or trunk as to make it look more creative and fun.
Put all their toys and puzzles in that box.
Give the box to the child during game time as to keep them busy.
Also inculcate the habit to tidy after playing and keep everything in the box.