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With children at home, you would be thinking how do I keep them busy? Here are a bunch of creative and fun learning activities for your kids with simple things that are available at home, to keep them occupied and have fun together.

DIY Jelly Fish

You Need:
Paper Plate/Bowls
Colourful thread/ yarn
Paint Brushes (optional)
Colour the bowls inside out.
If you have white yarns, put them in a ziploc with paint and color them.
Cut two holes in the bowls 0.5 cm apart.
Put a yarn through the holes so both sides come out from the bottom.
From the inside of the bowl, pull the yarn up to form a small loop. 
Thread the tentacles through and roughly center them under the loop.
Flip the bowl out and tie the yarn tightly.
Back on the inside, grasp the tentacles as one bunch and tie a single knot.  

Blow Paint Germs

You need:
White paper
Paints or water colour
Black sketch pen Small bowl
1. Take some paint in a small bowl and add few drops of water.
2. Place a big drop of paint on a paper.
3. Let the child blow the colour drops with a straw and spread the paint to make their germ grow in size.
4. Draw its eyes with black

Icecream Stick Dolls

You Need:
Ice cream sticks
Sketch pens
Colour papers
Woollen yarn
Scissors (Adult supervision needed)  
1. Make eyes and mouth on one end of the ice cream stick.
2. Stick some woollen yarn to make hair.
3. With the help of your parents, cut colourful paper to make clothes for the stick doll.
4. Stick the dress on the ice cream stick using fevicol.
5. Your stick dolls are ready to play with

Hope these tips and activities are helpful to keep your child engaged. The next post is going to be how to keep them healthy at home and to make sure they get the necessary exercise. Tune in for our next post.

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