Curtain Raiser: First Cry Oi Playschool & Daycare in Whitefield

Firstcry is Asia’s largest chain of brand for the babies and maternity product and one of the best consumer brands in Asia.  At Firstcry Oi Playschool, your child will experience highest standards of learning through an impeccable curriculum that aids in the overall growth and development.  While Oi is a leading preschool brand operating 55 centres in Hyderabad and Bangalore, Firstcry is planning to acquire the Early Learning Childhood Learning on a Pan India level. With the best possible customer integration, FirstCry has acquired Oi Preschool. We welcome you in this journey of making Firstcry Oi’ites ready to excel in the world of tomorrow.  The state of the art First Cry Oi playschool is opened in Whitefield, Bangalore spanning over 6,500 Square feet including 1,000 square feet of play zone.  Firstcry Whitefield promises that each and every child will continue to receive same amount of love, affection, and care that you as a parent have a right to expect.  This merger has been backed by Mr. Anand Mahindra and Mr. Ratan Tata.

  • The curriculum focuses on 6C’s – (1) Communication (2) Collaboration (3) Compassion (4) Confidence (5) Critical Thinking (6) Creativity
  • At Firstcry Oi, 5 levels of assessment is done before hiring and each teacher has to undergo 120 hours of in-house training to serve as a role model for the children. Curriculum is more into experimental and thematic based learning where a child will learn through practical way of learning rather than chalk & board method of learning.  A child is not restricted to his class alone and he/she is exposed to each activity zone everyday like role-play zone, AV room, Ball pool zone, Library corner, Sand play corner, Traffic signal corner, garden area etc
  • Activity-based learning has many benefits like development of inquisitiveness, social skills while interacting with other children, creative thinking with constant engagement and setting pace with a variety of learning.  Activity-based learning positively stimulates mind. At Firstcry Playschool, children have a half-an-hour session weekly for Audio Visual Curriculum where children are shown animated videos based on value, education, and moral boosting their brain for development.
  • Also at Firstcry Playschool, children can utilise play area which has a splash pool and ball pool. These will help your child develop motor skills, social skills and build confidence. Children will learn to explore experiment and express while learning as well as having fun.

Firstcry Oi learning focuses on the Multiple Intelligence which caters to the holistic development of a child. So, hurry up to take your child for an activity and fun based learning First Cry Oi Playschool and Daycare, Whitefield Bangalore.