Top Expert Tips to Defuse Toddler Tantrums

Toddlers are very clear on their likes and dislikes, what they do and don’t want to do, and they are dead-set on communicating this in any way they can to exert control over their world. While totally exasperating, tantrums and pushing the limits signal a leap in your child’s development.  Also, children are just developing their ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they are unable to communicate to you how they feel with words. This can naturally cause a lot of frustration and quickly result in a tantrum.

Sometimes we know the reasons, but still tantrums are unavoidable. All we can do is try to calm the kids and make sure the tantrums reduce over time. Here is a list of few techniques & strategies for parents.

  • Avoid over stressing the toddler. Kids don’t know how to process tiredness & pressure & end up crying & having a meltdown.
  • Don’t lose your cool with the child & stay with them. Seeing an angry or frustrated parent screaming or storm out will only worsen the situation for the toddler.
  • No matter how bad the tantrum is or how many people are watching, don’t give in to unreasonable demands or try to negotiate with the toddler. This will only teach them to throw tantrums more often & getting their way.
  • Once the storm is silent, talk to your child. Try to help them to put their feelings in words & express themselves. This will definitely help in future tantrum fits. Make sure to tell the child that you love them no matter what.
  • If you see a pattern in reasons of tantrums, try to avoid the situations & stimulus creating them.
  • Keep off limits objects away. It’s better to be cautious rather than later saying NO and ending up in a meltdown situation.
  • Give your kids control over little things. Tis will empower them & can be used as a great distraction task when you see a tantrum on its way.

With lots of modelling and coaching, children learn to soothe and regulate themselves over time. Although tantrums can surely be unpleasant, try to see them as opportunities for your child to learn—about rules and limits, about feelings, and about self-regulation—all critical skills for life.

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