Mom’s Reference: How moms are helping each other to decide the best for kids!

All a woman needs in her life is another woman. Another woman helping her, supporting her through various phases of her life. Guiding her to make a correct decision whenever in doubt, holding her though motherhood.

Until few years back a woman would find this support in her mother, sister, mother in law, best friend & sometimes a loyal household support. But with changing times & technology influencing our lives, we see a new form of camaraderie & support emerging over the internet. Asking for recommendations & advice on social media sites & internet has become a part of lives. Never ever had we seen so many mommy groups on Facebook – helping & supporting each other. Whatapp groups have become an integral part of our lives.  Another form of such “woman for woman” online movement is Mom references. So, when it comes to finalising a daycare or a preschool for her child, a new mom relies on her online buddies to make the right decision.

Why mom references help in deciding daycare/ preschool?? Because they are –

  1. Unbiased
  2. Genuine
  3. First hand reviews
  4. Relevant & A mother knows what another mother wants!!

So next time you check the reviews for a preschool for your little one’s admission, ensure that you seek mom reference. Have a heart to heart with your guiding mommy & make an informed decision.  

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