Inspiration and Motivation behind the centre owners choosing the Field of Education

Our teachers play a very important role in young and impressionable years of life — they have been our role models, our inspiration and they are parents-alike outside of our home to guide us. At times they might be tough but, in hindsight, it was only to mould and shape our talents, to motivate us to fight our fears and leave our  weaknesses behind. Below are the tributes given to teachers in honor to the hard work they do everyday to module our future :

Puja Das and Abhisha Srivastava from Sandbox thanks their teachers and shares, “They say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Sandbox wishes, A very happy Teacher’s Day to Teachers and Helpers who are building these villages across the world for our little ones! Team at Sandbox comes to our centres everyday with high levels of energy, zeal and a big smile! And they pass it on to all our kids and enrich their lives. 🙂 Their job may be very tiring but the outcome of their hardwork – Happy, Confident & Independent Children is what keeps them look forward to come to work everyday!

Archana Tondon from Kindercare digges into memory & shares “Almost 15 years ago I was inspired by two strong women to turn my vision of setting my own school into a reality. Mrs. Rajni Kumar, the founder of Springdales Group of Schools, was my first mentors when I entered the education industry. Her commitment, passion and contribution to the education sector has been a guiding light for me. Gayatri Nangia, founder Kinder Care, had confidence in my actions and she was an inspiration for me to kickstart my journey. I would like to wish Happy teachers’ Day to my mentors.”

Shikha Jain from Perfections tells “The word teacher for me is Guidance. Guidance may come from teachers & people around us. On this teachers day, I would like to thank my previous Boss ” Mr Murthy”  and my Husband “Mr. Vivek” who has been an amazing guide thought my life.

Hetal Waghela from Nectar’s Cove tells the importance of teachers says,
“Teachers have a very significant and lifelong impact on kids. This impact involves not only the teaching of particular academic skills, but also fostering of student’s self-esteem. Teachers can create positive environment , satisfying career opportunities and a progressive society.”

Taposhree Choudhury from Maple Bear shares her childhood memory & says, “Shanta Mahalanobis, my English literature for 7 years, from class 11 to post graduate level, whom I still remember with awe and respect. She had a great personality and a commanding presence. Her classes on Shakespeare were legendary and she took us to see productions of various Shakespearean plays. She was very strict on her assignments and bad work ethics. Almost three decades later I still live by that standard of work ethics that she instilled in us.”