Innovative & unique way of teaching at these preschools

Preschools in today’s era tackle the challenge to teach young kids very effectively and implement innovative ideas that make the classroom experience much more lovable for students. From developing a positive learning attitude to helping them read, write, speak, and comprehend. Preschools give their students a good kick-start for lifelong learning. Project & play-based learning are essential in the early grades to develop creative learning dispositions during the brain’s most active period of synaptic growth.

Here are unique & innovative ideas that most of the schools are helping reinventing the teaching methodologies:

Teaching through real world

Including real-world in learning like; organizing field trips for lessons linked with nature can help ignite students’ interest and make them more. Some lessons like those about animals, birds, colors, vegetables are best taught outside the school to cultivate curiosity & interest.

Teaching through play-activity boxes

Play-based educational activities enable kids to create new things, find different ways of solving challenges, and learn lessons by performing certain tasks. This is a form of unstructured play and experiential learning.

Working on Emotional Quotient & Intelligence Quotient

Poor EQ skills can result in aggression, anxiety, depression and poor academic performance. That is why teachers take lessons to develop Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and also give adequate importance to building the EQ.  It helps children to manage their emotions and improves educational outcomes, reducing anxiety and behavioural problems.

Role play

Role-play enables kids to step into the shoes of fictional characters as per their view. Role plays encourage learning, improve concentration, and enhance imagination in kids. Children learn to express & understand different feelings better during role-plays. Roleplay is a fun way to teach kids about real-life situations, seasonal events, and occupations.

DIYs activities

Kids should be given the opportunity to unleash their creative energies. They do sticking paper, colouring a snail, creating a theatre aout of a box etc are great DIYs to keep kids engaged, increase their creativity and assist in the overall growth &development of these young learners.

New-age preschools like Aptech, Klay, Kara4Kids, Kinder Care , Vallores , Mindseed, Eager beaver, Safari Kid understand the evolving needs of today’s young learners and transforming education through unique & innovative way to ensure holistic growth of the tiny tots.

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