Ganesh Chaturthi special activities for kids

The festival in India is one of its kind experience! Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as birthday of Lord Ganesha. Ganesha comes to our home worshipped for 10 days daily in the morning and evening with offerings of flowers, durva, karanji and modaks. Best time to call your friends & family at home and visit other’s place. On the 11th day Ganesha is carried through the streets with fan and fare then immersed in a river or sea. This represents a ritualistic send-off for Lord Ganesh back to his home in Kailash.

Making different crafts and doing fun activit is one of the best ways to help kids in knowing the traditions and Ganesha festival is the perfect opportunity. Below are the Ganesha special activities that your child can enjoy doing with you:

Ganesha Idol Workshop

Various preschools are doing workshops to help kids make an eco-friendly Ganesha. You can send your kids to one and let him have fun with his friends while learning.

Play Doh Ganesha

This year make Ganesha using clay or play doh at your home. Who doesn’t love playing with Play Doh? Just refer any picture of Ganesha on Internet and you can help your little one make different body parts and then assemble them to form the idol

Decorating Puja Place

This could get interesting. You can use water colors which are easily washable even on the marble floors; you can draw the outlines and ask kids to fill in with their paint brushes. Add the lovely flowers and leaves used for puja. They can get innovative with patterns and colours (and also a little messy, but it will be worth it, but do limit the area to keep your sanity)

Chocolate Modak

While the traditional modaks have their own charm, anything chocolate-related is bound to be irresistible for kids! You can buy modak moulds for this. Help kids with the melting of chocolate. The rest they can do in a jiffy.

Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti Plate

Make your little ones creatively busy by having them design beautiful aarti plates for Ganesh Chaturthi festivities. You can give them paint colours, mirrors, gottas and other embellishments along with adhesive. Let them  use their creative minds to come up with interesting ideas to decorate the pooja plate in a unique way.

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