Best Preschools ditching the dairy & Embracing Technology

Sentiment of a parent is critical while searching for a preschool. Parents are worried about their child’s well being at school. Most of the preschools are also trying their best to fulfill the needs of the child. On the way to make a childcare more comfortable for kids, childcare operators and educators also cannot afford to ignore the benefits of technology in early learning. Technology is the most expedient way to make communication easy for parents & staff at school.

A quality childcare in today’s digital era are ditching diaries over technology because it supports their work processes, offers online learning and professional developmental opportunities, and provides the ability to connect and network with parents, staff and other professional peers.

 Below are the main advantages of using technology by a childcare industry:

  1. Increases efficiency of staff : Administrative tasks such as collecting, paying and requesting payments, creating and reviewing reports, managing staff and even connecting with parents. All these things could be managed easily through use of technology.  
  2. Improved child learning and development: Smart boards, update of weekly transaction using technology improve the learning experience & help in development in kids to prepare them for the digital life that lays ahead for them.
  3. Connection with families: Technologyprovides the ability to connect and network with parents, staff and other professional peers.
  4. Increases trust: Good communication has proven to help people better understand each other. Technology has given a means to communicate with busy parents to build transparency.
  5. Efficient when it comes to problem solving: If any parent or guardian that seems unresponsive or difficult, technology gives a way to eliminate frustration for both parties and helps reach a mutually beneficial resolution.

Preschools/daycare centers like Sandbox, Kindercare, Youngin, Nectar’s Cove, Maple Bear, Perfections are using mobile app like “Proeves Edge” to provide live updates to parents, sending circulars, share monthly calendar, upload pictures of specials moments at school. Along with these amazing features; they can also manage admissions, fee and manage the multiple branches of daycare from one place.

Ultimately, technology in childcare is not only intended to make jobs easier, but also to provide improved & enhanced learning and development outcomes for children.

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