Peek in to this 11,000 sq.ft preschool and daycare near Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore

A preschool is a learning space that not only provides early education to your toddlers but also is platforms to kids from where they can start their future with so much fascination in them.

With the right set of people in place, Vedic Lore Preschool and Daycare is created to be so unique that it is hardly replicable.

The space in itself if you observe is quite open and built on a 11000 sq feet area with real attention to detail where there are lots of open spaces and the natural light absolutely fills the area. There is a huge play park with lots of plants and grass. Their play equipment’s are connected to a tree house and a climbing cube structures which lets children explore their way into it, there is a separate sand pit which is sanitized weekly. There is a proper outdoor art gazebo for children to paint and splash with zero inhibitions. They have a music wall, science wall and sensory garden so that the children can explore their sensory experience’s and the place in itself has so much more to offer than just any other preschool / day care in the area.  

The teachers at Vedic Lore all come with minimal experience of over 7 years where everyone has an NTT certification along with a specific ELC of Montessori or Kindergarten. The principal carries an experience of over 22 years in the early education field and has certifications in all the methodologies that Vedic Lore’s curriculum has taken inspiration from. We have teachers specifically assigned for the day care midafternoon – evening sessions where they all have significant experience in working with other day care centres. All from the management as well as the teachers have a CPR certification and first aid training. The non-teaching child handlers have also received basic first aid training in their regional language! The nannies at our preschool have a weekly training session to keep them informed of the safety and hygiene standards that is expected out of them.  All of us who come in contact with the children (teaching / non-teaching) have had our health checkups done.

Vedic Lore takes full pride in being one of the first preschool / day care Centres especially in the “new “standalone ELC category, to have tied up with a health care provider to setup a fully equipped infirmary with a nurse (fully trained with over 12 years of experience) to be part of the school. The in – house nurse also takes care of the everyday hygiene standards of their non-teaching staff / child handlers. The infirmary also houses the hospital grade sanitizers and every day disposable gloves.

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