The Best Activity Classes building brain power in your child

A good afterschool program can turn the aimless hours post school into productive learning time. These programs allow a child to explore new  interests, provide an opportunity to build relationship & increases  overall happiness.

A high quality afterschool program can really enrich the day of a  child. Child experts state various benefits of an after school program.

1.    It helps children academically
2.    Helps them socialize
3.    Provides opportunity to kids to focus on their skills & talents
4.    Provides platform to showcase their abilities
5.    Helps in confidence building by honing their talents
6.    Enriches child’s education
7.    Promote relationship building

Leading preschool Maple Bear After-School Enrichment Program let children explore and learn some of the most remarkable skills of the 21st century and have the time of their lives as they do they offer a suite of carefully crafted programs that include Computational Thinking, French, Creators Club, Math & Science and English Plus Programs and More…

What does Maple Bear After School Enrichment Program Cover?

1. Computational Thinking

With computational thinking emerging as a powerful problem-solving technique of the 21st century, this program helps children take their first steps into developing computational thinking skills with the aid of these special coding products from Eupheus Learning.

  • Cubetto (For ages 3 years and above) : Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot from Primo that teaches children the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands-on play. It offers a fun and engaging way to learn the principles of coding through myriad themes and subjects, including Literacy, Numeracy, Maths, Science and many more. 
  • RoboGarden (For all age groups) : RoboGarden teaches students different coding concepts, STEAM subjects, and good morals through a game-based environment that helps the student enjoy their education while learning to become the next coding genius.

2. After School Math & Science Elementary Program 

  • Math Program  (For Grades 1 to 5; Ages 5.5 years to 10.5 years) : This program is designed to help students develop conceptual mathematical understanding where children have opportunities ‘to do’ Math, to engage in hands-on experiences in which they explore concepts in a rich mathematical context. Children demonstrate conceptual understanding by communicating and modelling their reasoning, and connecting a new concept or strategy to other concepts they have seen.
  • Science Program (For Grades 1 to 5; Ages 5.5 years to 10.5 years) : The program will help children build a strong foundation in all the three strands of Science. The lessons consist of a three step lesson plan – activate, explore and apply. This helps them develop a solid base of scientific knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriate to their grade level and in the future will give them the ability to deal with the ever-changing scientific and technological world.

3. Maple Bear Creators Club (For ages 3 years to 10 years)

Maple Bear Creators Club offers an array of theme-based activities to hone a child’s creativity and innovation beyond the realms of the classroom. These cover multiple facets and disciplines of creative expression: ‘language and literacy’, ‘creative writing’, ‘art and craft’, ‘cooking without fire’, and ‘theatrical and dramatic expression’.

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