This Preschool / Daycare believes “Children Come First”

For children, the feeling of acceptance for no matter who they are matters. It means being in company of trusted people, being emotionally and physically comfortable and having fun.

For parents, their little one’s health & safety is of paramount importance. A good quality childcare is the key to balancing work and family, so that parents are at peace while they are at work.

“Children Come First” Is what Ipsaa believes in. They believe in listening to parents & being transparent in all communications & interactions.

At Ipsaa, children help & care for one another. They easily bond together and without saying take care of each other. It is the norm to play, work and share with your Ipsaa siblings. The sprawling home away from home echoes with sounds of childhood, abuzz with happy voices chitter chattering nonstop all over. Growing together through life – caring and sharing and learning together surely fosters a healthy relationship.

Recently, one of their centers had conducted an exciting activity of harvesting potatoes & then making aloo chat for their parents. This activity was conducted with a thought to teach them the art of patience, while they were waiting for the potatoes to grow. They nurtured their plant like their own baby. 

Ipsaa has structured, age appropriate activities and tasks for every child. For toddlers, aged 2-3, they have them pick up their toys after play, put their clothes in their bags. For preschoolers, aged 4-5, have them help you set the table with supervision, pick up their meal plates and put in the basket. They are patient as every child needs time to master new skills. They are supportive and encouraging so that they gain confidence in their own abilities. At Ipsaa, children are given the opportunity and guidance to explore achievement activities of their own choosing. … The main important goal is to up bring every child to a position through which the child can be independent and self-reliant.

At Ipsaa, all teachers get down on eye level with every child to get their full attention.  They help child become confident with their decision making abilities, by allowing them to make small decisions while they are young. The little one’s eyes sparkle when they look at the teachers. The teachers praise every child’s accomplishments, focusing on rewarding their efforts rather than just the outcome by saying the nicest words which comforts their mind. They believe the child needs to understand that every activity he/she is involved will be appreciated.

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