Amelio – Your daycare worries end here

Women can have it all or they cannot? Isn’t this a constant debate  going on in our society for years? The current generation of mothers  is a confused generation, torn between wanting to have it all for  themselves but then they are chained by the centuries old practice of  women being the primary caretaker & nurturer.

When Amita was expecting her first child, she dreamt, dreamt of a life  – balanced life.  A life where she would not sacrifice her hard earned  career to take care of her child. She dreamt of balance of  responsibilities – responsibilities of parenting that her partner  would share with her.

But dreams are dreams after all. She woke up to a reality of nuclear  family in a metro city in India- Chennai. Her husband had to travel  several hours in a day to reach work & that made him practically  unavailable for sharing responsibility of their child. Her employer  however came in to her rescue. As per the new government guidelines,  her employer has provided crèche benefits to its employees. And they  have tied up with the best in Chennai – Amelio Early Education.

Amelio was born out of the belief that a woman can have it all – a  fulfilling career and loving, happy children. At Amelio, they create  and manage high quality preschool daycares so women can discard guilt  and embrace joy.

With a full day Infant care at Amelio, Amita was happy to leave her  child in caring hands at Amelio, while she fulfilled her dreams at work.

Amelio also offers preschool, daycare & afterschool programs keeping  in mind the requirement of working parents.

Amita, in one of her email feedbacks to her employer highlighted the  features of Amelio which left her highly satisfied as a parent-

Safety – an obsession

Amelio has spacious and child-friendly centers. Branded and conformed  toys with international standards. CCTV surveillance at all centers.  Sometimes it feels safer there than home.

Hygiene – a habit

With one dedicated cleaning staff in each classroom to clean, Amelio  spaces are spotless and germ-free.

Care & Learning – a passion

1:3 teaching ratios for infants and 1:6 for children – when you have  such high levels of attention, all you need is a great curriculum to  complete the circle of love. Amelio follows the World of Discovery  curriculum – a path-breaking methodology that allows children to  freely explore the world through their curiosity and builds on their  natural abilities.

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