These Small Kids remind us how to truly celebrate Independence Day

India celebrates it 72nd Independence Day today. These days kids hardly know much about our Independence and the struggle our people went through to attain it. However, one can use this Independence Day as the perfect opportunity to impart knowledge in fun ways and prepare our kids to be  responsible citizen for the future of India.

Leading preschools across India celebrated Independence Day reminding kids about the importance of the flag, the relevance of freedom fighters, the significance of our national bird/anthem and many more such things.

Maple Bear Preschool & Daycare

From making tricolour flags and pasta necklaces to proudly marching while waving their flags as they sing patriotic songs like ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha’, we organize a number of fun and engaging activities for our children as part of the Independence Day celebration at Maple Bear schools. Our efforts at inculcating an interest and curiosity among children for learning and appreciating the many different facets of India, including our rich history and diverse cultures, is not restricted to one day but ongoing through the year. Above all, we imbibe in our children high moral values and a deep sense of respect for the environment and their fellow human beings, which ultimately help them grow up into responsible citizens of the country.”  – Ms. Hazel Siromoni, MD, Maple Bear South Asia.


Ipsaa Preschool & Daycare

At Ipsaa Independence Day was made special with a line up of activities that helped kids truly understand the meaning of the day. The kids made flags, and even kites signifying freedom & freewill. Not only that kids even dressed up as freedom fighters and tribute was given to these forgotten heroes. Lastly interesting food plates were made in tricolor. The kids truly had a blast in these celebrations.The Learning Curve

Independence Day is celebrated with a lot of excitement at all TLC  centres. Flag hoisting, fun, dance, music & food make this a memorable  day in every child’s life. The centres and teachers  took extra effort the decorate the centre with craft & important facts that define our freedom.


Amelio Early Education

Across all their centres, Amelio students celebrated Independence Day indulging in singing, dancing & doing craft activities. The children even helped their teachers draw out the Map of India  as a rangoli and celebrated the importance of Mother India. Amelio believes in teaching through activities and we used interesting activities to experience freedom, celebrate the spirit of patriotism and respect Mother India states Sathish Kumar Thiyagarajan, Head Curriculum, Amelio Early Education.

Happy Independence Day!!