This Preschool takes the financial burden of childcare off you!!

When Neha went looking for preschool for her child, she was surprised  at skyrocketing cost of preschool & daycare. Parents are spending a  lot of money on child care, and it’s not getting any cheaper. Children  are fun & delight. They are our future. But getting a reputed  childcare support to take care of the noisy little bundles of love  while you go to work is getting more expensive by the year. For many  parents the cost is greater than housing, transportation or utilities.

Quality child care doesn’t have to be a financial burden. There are so  many great daycare centers around that offer excellent services.  Parents need to prepare early and understand all of the childcare  costs involved.

India leading daycare & preschool chain The Learning Curve pioneered  in LIVE Camera Access and now they pioneer in offering Zero EMI option  to its parents. This is just their way to unburdening the parents.

“EMI with zero interest”?? Neha was not sure if has heard it right  when one of her team members told her about it. On researching  further, Neha was glad to find that at The learning Curve,  employee-parents can now avail fees at zero EMI option.

She spoke to one of the centre head & enroled her child at The  Learning Curve. The cente was well equipped with modern facilities.

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