Top Curriculum Experts leading the Preschool Industry

If you are in the process of selecting a preschool for your child, there is no doubt that the wide range of choices can be overwhelming. There are several factors based on which you should decide which preschool will be best for your child. The most important is the curriculum. As you know early childhood is a crucial time for children’s cognitive development. This is where a good curriculum comes in.

Proper planning is involved in making curriculum because the small children have small retention and concentration capacity. They get bored very easily and may get exhausted soon. Hence, planning involves including activities that keep the preschoolers enthusiastic about learning and energized all throughout the day. A curriculum cannot be developed overnight. It takes numerous educators to contribute their years of knowledge into developing a curriculum.

These are some of the best curriculum experts leading the preschool industry –

Ms. Shalini Jaiswal, Director-  Academics, Maple Bear, India

Shalini began her career by teaching in Delhi Public School. From a teacher she went on to hold various positions in school. From being the Primary teacher section in charge in Chinmaya Vidyalaya she moved on to be in the core team for developing and implementing experiential learning modules in the classes.

Sathish Kumar Thiyagarajan, Head Curriculum, Amelio

Satish heads the curriculum department at Amelio. He is a postgraduate in philosophy from UPS, Italy, a doctoral research student in Social Ethics – Adamson University, Philippines and qualified in religion and sociology. He is an Education Evangelist with a decade of experience in the education sector. At present his interests are ‘Early Childhood Education in India’, ‘First 1000 Days’, ‘Alternative Education’, ‘Philosophy for Children’, ‘Positive Education’, ‘RIE Parenting’, ‘MOOCs’ and ‘Startup Culture’. Sathish is a guest lecturer of philosophy at Film Institutes and colleges and conducts ‘Philosophy for Children, Colleges, & Communities (P4C)’ workshops in preschools, schools & colleges. He can never resist chit-chats with entrepreneurs and next-gen innovators. He has published articles in academic journals and little magazines.”

Malini Bharadhwaj, Curriculum Development, Klay

Malini, with an MBA and International Certifications in Early Childhood Education, has over 13 years of experience in early childhood education and academic research across USA and India. She heads the Curriculum Development for the organization.

Arti Mohan, Head – Academics, Ipsaa

Affectionate and charismatic, Arti comes with practical experience of working with children in a day care. An expert in child behaviour, education and all-round development, her balanced fortitude brings to ipsaa’s parents emotional strength.

Patricia Koh, Independent Director on the Board, The Learning Curve

Patricia is the former Head of the National Institute of Education, Early Childhood Department, Singapore and the founder of Singapore’s leading chain of preschools, Pat’s Schoolhouse. She holds a Masters degree in Child Development with Early Childhood Education from the University of London, Institute of Education. Her research in the area of Bilingualism led her to pioneer a Mandarin Immersion Program for 2 to 5 year olds. She has published and presented extensively around the world on early education and curriculum development. She powers the world-class curriculum at The Learning Curve.