Top 5 deciding factors while choosing a Preschool for your child

Preschool is your child’s first experience away from home. You would be having multiple questions running in your mind while selecting a preschool, like; whether my child will be safe, will she adjust to the environment, will she be given attention etc? While exploring a preschool,  you should consider following points:

1.The curriculum
The goal of preschool is to help children develop social, learning-related skills and daily exposure to the fine & gross motor skill for their physical and mental well being. Play time is an essential factor for a child’s socializing skill, trust building and teamwork spirit. Choose a curriculum that allows a child to learn while playing

2. Staff Qualification
You should also enquire about the staff background verification and training. How they will be able to handle the difficult behaviour of child when crying or having tantrum. Staff should be caring & dedicated towards job. It is important to have proper openness between parents and teacher. Staff should communicate the progress & behaviour of child and your involvement for your child’s growth.

3. Is child centric?
Dr. Whitehead says. “Children’s emotions should be acknowledged, and teachers should show empathy as children experience the ups and downs of a typical day.

Some kids are very anxious while leaving parent and some are independent. Ask school about settlement process for kids, potty training is required or not, are meals provided? What will be the student teacher ratio?

4. Is safe and secure?
You should ask preschool about security, to make sure that children are properly supervised indoors and outdoors. What is the pick-up and drop-off policy? Know that how many of the staffs are trained in CPR, paediatric first aid, playground safety. What is the approach school follows when child gets hurt? How the play equipments are safe to your child?

5. Ready to provide mom references
When it comes to childcare, word of mouth works better than anything else. Ask preschool, if you can get a reference from a mother, who has used the preschool/ daycare. You will be able to know the working process and everything about school from perspective of a parent.
With all the above things, you have to check whether the school fits to your family requirements, as approach-ability, fee structure, timings etc. Unfailingly get clarity on these questions from the preschool, check the suitability to you and your child, only then you should plan your child’s first step out of the home.

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