Best Preschool/Daycares Founded by IIT/IIM Alumni and CAs

Among the various segments of the education industry, preschool/daycare has been catching the eye of many investors. Many of them have been started by IIT/IIM Alumnus, CA’s, MBA’s and business professionals. Many of them have plunged into this realising that this has a significant business potential. Some of them have experienced lack of quality daycare and in this pursuit have opened their own brand in quality preschool/daycares. Let us have a look at some of the leading brands started by notable professionals from the best institutes:

Purvesh Sharma, Raj Singhal, and Ashish Aggarwal are founder of childcare named Footprints : These three friends are graduate from IIT Delhi. They combined the technology with a proven curriculum to provide children a holistic, world-class care experience. They started a preschool with CCTV facility and live streaming so that parents can see their kids activity in their phone.
Puja Das and Abhisha Shrivastava, founder of daycare named Sandbox: Puja completed her B. Tech from IIT Bombay and did her MBA from ISB Hyderabad, while Abhisha the other co-founder is also M. Tech. and B. Tech from IIT Bombay. Both of the friends started followed their dream and started a Preschool service Sandbox, to help other working moms.

Shiv Mittal, Kanchan Mittal are founder of daycare IPSAA and Namrata Bachani alumni of ISB is CEO of IPSAA : Both of them are well experienced charted accountant and Namrata Bachani alumni of ISB is CEO of IPSAA. They had around 20+ years of experience in their respective fields. All three started a preschool with a mission that, “While you are on a journey of success, we take your child on a journey of joy.”

Arun Arora and Anshul Arora are founder of the Vivero International Preschool: Arun Arora is a Chemical Engineer of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers and Anshul Arora has a BA in Economics from Amherst College and an MBA from Harvard. They deliver joyful, holistic, child-centric and appropriate learning experiences what is helpful at this critical stage of a child’s development.

Bithi Agrawal and Ravi Venkatesam founder of preschool The Foundation : Both of them are B.Tech. from IIT Kharagpur and Ravi is an MBA from IIM Bangalore. They started a preschool with a philosophy that; “A school that develops children with a global mindset, children who are socially and environmentally aware, who are ethical in their approach, and are equipped with progressive life skills to propel them in their future endeavours, That is The Foundation”

All these play schools have done spectacular job in the playschool/daycare services. Footprints have been –“Rated by Silicon India Magazine” for best playschool chain. Sandbox is “Ranked 13th in India” for their curriculum design and team training. While Vivero International Preschool has got an “Award for Excellence” in Pre-school Education and “ranked number one Preschool in Pune” and some of them have been recognized for their ingenious ideas what they use to make learning fun for your child.

Playschool /Daycare is a place that helps your child to tremendously develop their skills and polish their talent from very early stage of life. We look forward for many more quality centers in coming days that promote children’s development.