This Mom Lost 40 Kg In 11 Months Without Going to The Gym

A cute overweight child, youngest of all and pampered by the entire family, that’s how my childhood was. Since, I was loved by all the relatives tremendously; the love in form of food also was enormous. The food that had calories and calories though was it tasted out of the world. Yes, you heard it right, I am absolutely not joking here. I was fed fried food with ketchup and various chutneys, a lot of sugary food. And not to miss, the icing on the cake the yum chocolates, wafers, pastries etc. that were so difficult to resist when being fed.

This continued until I was a teenager and my metabolism got affected. One fine day, my mother lost it and made me understand what I would be landing up in the future if I continued eating this way. She said, I understand that you love eating when people feed you but you need to respect your body and not exploit it like this. And that was the turning point for me. She enrolled me into various sports and even made me exercise at home. Soon, there was a transformation and I became what I could have not even imagined. All thanks to my mother. This entire phase I was busy understanding the importance of nutrition, studying and body toning, there wasn’t anything apart from this I thought about.

After a few years, I got married and entered a new phase of my life. Until the honeymoon, things were still under control and I managed to keep a check on my calorie intake. However, upon our return we had regular invitation from our relatives and friends for lunch or dinner. And that was it; I started putting on a lot of weight yet again. Then,came the time of the weddings, family get together etc. and the weight kept on increasing. Since, I was the new member of the family; I just could not throw any tantrums and put forward my food choices at that time. To top it all, I had some skin allergy due to which I had to take steroids which led to further weight gain. One fine day, I conceived and I was already 20Kg more than what I was at my wedding. As one can imagine, the weight was on the rise and I touched 107Kgs at the time of my delivery and that too a C-Sec Delivery i.e. 7th March 2016. Though I entered the best part of my life, motherhood, I couldn’t enjoy it as I should have due to my body weight. With each passing day it was becoming difficult for me to move around, sit for long and a lot that comes along with the baby. It hit me hard.

Yet again, I decided to get the extra pounds off me and have a happy face in front of my baby rather than a sulky one. Since I was nursing, I had to be very particular about my diet and nutrition. With a lot of time put into thinking, I created my own diet and happily lost 40 kgs within 11 months without any medicines or supplements. I am proud to say that I did not miss any precious moment with my child be it crawling or jumping with him whenever he wanted to. I recognize the importance of being healthy and fit and want to ensure that my child grows with a fit and an active mother who loves to play with him with a happy face.

Lastly, I want to say this is what a true nutritionist and health expert is, someone who has tried and tested her skills on herself and so she can do wonders for her clients as well.

– Mehak Bansal
Nutritionist and Health Expert (8384047976)