Top 4 Most Searched Preschools/Daycares in Greater Noida

There may be nothing that instills more fear and apprehension in parents than the task of finding the right preschool or daycare for their child. There are a lot of choices these days, and it can be an overwhelming task, each childcare center has a lot to offer, and the pressure to get it right is huge as it may affect on the future development of your child.

To help you select a good childcare center we have created a list of most searched centers in Greater Noida for you.

Kidzee Manorama

A dedicated scheme of structured learning every year, combined with a regular, frequent, systematic regime of workshops, seminars and knowledge sharing sessions by subject matter experts and field specialists, empower the Kidzee teachers to become premium-quality facilitators, if not first-grade ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education) experts. Their training mechanism is designed to arm teachers with practical and effective techniques, which are easy to incorporate with children.

Cherry Little Star

A home away from home for small children. The owner Miti who comes from a lot of early childhood experience, herself is involved in each and every small thing with respect to the centre making it a friendly and safe place for children.

Blooming Buds

Blooming Flowers help your child be a winner for life:HELP ME DO IT MY SELF is the life theme of this school. The children are encouraged to learn and develop I Can Do It attitude. The aim of this school is to help young minds grow and learn in an amicable environment, resulting in the all-round development of the child. And to play a responsible and positive role in shaping up your child’s tomorrow.

Little Illusions

“Little Illusions” is a thought that each child, however small is an I. Which means each child is an INDIVIDUAL and has his own Individual IMAGINATIONS, INSPIRATIONS, IDEAS, INTERESTS, INTELLIGENCE. The school believes that, as adults their role should be not to teach children, but to learn from them about their needs, their interests and what they like to do the best, and then use it to provide an environment which will help the child to develop freely and fully.

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Image: Little Illusions