The Recent Daycare Incident – What can we do?

Every month we get to know about an incident about a small child being injured or abused in a daycare. Leaving a small child away at a daycare is such a difficult decision and then as a working parent if you hear about such incidents it breaks your heart. While we understand abuse and injury with cause is a criminal offense, but who does one blame when the injury is inspite of the day-care demonstrating that they acted appropriately, reasonably, and within the best professional standard when taking care of the child.

As parents it’s important for us to demand a safety audit certificate from the daycare , additionally  be alert and aware of warning signs mentioned below:-

Before Joining the daycare :-

  1. A so-so reputation – If other parents / reviews are not talking bad but not even talking good about the Day care
  2. If the authorities are not ready to give you mom references of parents of kids in their day care
  3. If the staff is inadequate as compared to the number of kids in the day care
  4. If the facilities & premise is dirty & unsafe for kids
  5. If the drivers, cleaners & support staff is not on roll but on contract basis
  6. If there is no clarity on the day timetable or curriculum

After Joining the daycare :-

  1. A lack of open communication between staff & parents
  2. Unexplained wounds, bruises or cuts on body of child
  3. Child cries a lot & doesn’t want to go to day care even after settling down period
  4. Extreme mood swings & sudden change in behaviour of children
  5. Night terrors or recurring nightmares
  6. Loss of appetite

If you are Daycare Centre Head reading this article, we thank you for taking care of our children, but it’s important for you to prioritise child safety over everything else.

Top 8 ways to prioritise child satefy :-

  1. Incident management protocol
  2. Active doctor on call
  3. Regular safety audits by experts
  4. Continuous feedback from parents on improvements
  5. Transparent two way communication with parents
  6. Third party observational audits on childcare/attendants conduct
  7. Training/ Skilling of teachers/attendants
  8. CCTV / CCTV Live Link

Shalu Sharma Rathod

EECE Expert at ProEves